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The Blue Line platform at Imperial/Wilmington (Rosa Parks) is located at street level with an island platform, and has no actual canopy, all covering is provided by the Century Freeway at the northern end of the platform which the green line runs in the median of. To leave the station at the northern end is a staggagered pedestrian grade crossing and this leads to the eastern half of Wilmington Ave east of the tracks and the bus loop followed by the Park & Ride lot to the west. There are than a ramp to one side and 3 steps to the other up to the actual high-level platform, next is an elevator directly up to the green line platform and this is followed by a staircase/up escalator to a mezzanine winch in turn leads to a staircase/up escalator to the green line. The southern end of the platform is simply open with no further exits.

2013: The station has been renamed Willowbrook from Imperial/Wilmington
Photos 1-11 taken on 14 April, 2006, 12-13 on 28 March, 2010, 14-24 on 24 March, 2011, 25-27 on 20 June, 2013

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Nippon-Sharyo LRV #113, a Blue Line train bound for Los Angeles leaves Imperial/Wilmington Station
Nippon-Sharyo LRV #113 bound for Los Angeles north of Imperial/Wilmington
A platform sign at Imperial/Wilmington
Nippon-Sharyo LRV #100 bound for Long Beach enters Imperial/Wilmington
Nippon-Sharyo LRV #100 stops at Imperial/Wilmington
A fence sign at Imperial/Wilmington, the extra unelectrified track is used by freight traffic.
Looking down the platform at Imperial/Wilmington, with a Long Beach bound train stopped in the station
Nippon-Sharyo LRV #140 bound for Long Beach south of Imperial/Wilmington.
A Blue Line train bound for LA stops at the 119th Street grade crossing
Nippon-Sharyo LRV #163, and a three car Blue Line train south of Imperial/Wilmington
Nippon-Sharyo LRV #163 enters Imperial/Wilmington. The extra track that is visible is a non-revenue track that leads up to the Green Line
View of the parking lot beyond the station
The Staircase/up escalator up to the Green Line's mezzanine
The pedestrian crossing across the bus loop to the station
Prime parking spots
The gates to enter the pedestrian crossing
Looking across to the ramp up from the grade crossing to the platform
The little staircase to the LA-bound platform
Crossing to one of the bus loops
ADA sign for the station in both blue and green
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