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Bayshore is a Caltrain station that was totally rebuilt as part the Caltrain Express Program that added passing sidings for express trains to pass local trains. One of these passing sidings is at the Bayshore Station which was expanded from two to four tracks and required completely rebuilding the station platforms just south of the original platforms (the parking lot wasn't changed). The rebuilt station was officially dedicated on March 22, 2004. The original station had two much shorter side platforms connected by pedestrian crossings for just two tracks directly in the parking lot. The station is directly on the border of the City and County (it is its own) of San Francisco and San Mateo County. According to Google Satellite images, the only entrance to the platforms are within San Francisco with the boarding at roughly the northern end of the platforms. Just north of the station the passing sidings end and merge back into two tracks before entering Tunnel #4, the first of four historic tunnels that trains use into Downtown San Francisco. The station receives the basic of basics, just every hour, service and has been proposed for closing.

The current station has two long side platforms for the four-track line that are fully ADA compliant. The platforms each have green lampposts and some green mesh bus style shelters for waiting passengers that also cover the ticket machines. An extremely tall pedestrian bridge connects the middle of each platform. This bridge has full height mesh walls and green elevator shafts. Signs in the elevators say they are closed from 1am to 5am when there isn't any service. There are also exposed stairs down to each platform that require two flights. The tops of the elevator towers have unique green with white text Bayshore signs also found on an equipment room found on each platform.

The walls of the platforms are high mesh (don't try climbing me) fences and the rest of the signage is modern square red Bayshore signs written between two Caltrain logos. The station's only exit is at the northern end of the San Francisco-bound platform. To reach this path passengers can only use a gap in the fence about a car length from the end of the platform. The actual northern end of the platform are completely fenced off. This path leads across an industrial track spur and to the southern end of the stations tiny 38-space parking lot that is basically a turn-off from Tunnel Avenue with the southern end of the station across from Recycle Road and the northern end from private Visitacion Avenue. The northern end has poorly placed bike lockers
All Photos taken on 14 June, 2013

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Getting off a San Francisco-bound train
F40 #919 pushes a northbound San Francisco-bound local train
The pedestrian bridge towers over the landscape
Rising up to the overpass, the two bus shelters (one for tickets) on the San Francisco-bound platform
The overpass is mesh walled
Sign on the Overpass at the stairs or elevator for the San Francisco-bound platform
View north down the four tracks here
Vertical clearance along the staircase to the San Jose-bound platform off the overpass
The elevator is closed from 1 to 5 am when no trains stop at the station
The towers have Bayshore signs above them
A Green Bayshore sign on the non-pubic ancillary shed on the San Jose-bound platform
TVMs are on both platforms
The Bayshore signed tops of the elevator towers
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