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Union City has two side platforms for the two track line and opened on September 11, 1972. The station is located at a grade parallel to a freight track and has a single exit located in a mezzanine beneath the middle of the station platforms. Here fare gates lead out east of the train tracks two parking lots with a total of 1,197 spaces just southeast of Detco Road's underpass. A new fare control area is currently under construction on the opposite side of the current exit area. It will lead out to a new exit over to 11th Street where extra parking lots now are and where a Transit Oriented Development is currently under construction inside some of the station's parking lots. Part of this development may include a new Amtak/Altamont Commuter Express Train Station.

The station (between 2008 and 2013) has been rebuilt with new black Union City lower case signs. The canopies have been renovated with yellow beams holding up the central canopy, still with glass windscreens. There are new white leaning posts (benches at to much of an angle to sit on) for waiting passengers. The fare control area has much wider staircases, a down escalator/staircase and an elevator (in its original concrete shaft) from the Fremont-bound platform. Many of the walls of the Fare Control area have been renovated with new glass walls with white lettering on the outside that have tall letters spelling Union City Station. This leads to a bus loop with a modern white canopy. Some murals lie above the fare gates. An orange walled tunnel leads beneath the tracks to the escalator, staircase, and elevator up to the Oakland-bound platform.
Photo 1-15: 20 March, 2008, 16-38: 13 June, 2013

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A-Car #1241 leaves the station
An A-Car fades off into the distance while a C-Car appraoches
A C-Car approaches
A C-Car prepares to enter
A C-Car enters
The Train won't stop, its running light to the Hayward Yard leaving service for the day
Ticket machines and change at the station's entrance
A Fremont Train enters while a northbound leaves
Two trains led by C-Cars pass
A Fremont-bound train enters
A 10 Car train to Fremont arrives
Stepping off at the newly renovated station
The beams are now yellow
The exposed portions of the platform
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