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Fremont was the southern terminus of BART from when the original line opened on September 11, 1972 until the one-stop extension to Warm Springs opened on March 25, 2017. Before the Warm Springs and then Silicon Valley Extensions opened, connecting bus service from the station included local AC Transit Routes plus 4 VTA Express bus routes to and from the Santa Clara Valley. The station has a single island platform with tracks that ended at bumper blocks although these have now been removed and converted into through tracks for the Warm Springs Extension. When the station was the terminus, trains used a diamond crossover before the station to reverse and change directions.

The station is located on an embankment with a single island platform surrounded by parking lots that contain 2,030 Parking Spaces. Two escalators, a staircase and an elevator lead down to a fare control area in the embankment beneath the station. Originally there were fare gate only on the west side of this fare control area. On April 7, 1980 a second bank of fare gates opened on the east side of the fare control area. It is on this east side that is along to a large, three lane nearly 20 stop bus loop mostly covered with white canopies. The bus loop is basically an interruption in the series of parking lots that surround the station.
Photo 1-6: 20 March, 2008, 7-18: 13 June, 2013

A platform sign at Fremont
A Not in Service train terminates at Fremont that will run light back to the Hayward Yard
View of the station's bus loop, parking lot, and houses in the hills beyond
An A-Car Approaches the station
An A-Car enters the station in the evening light
Passengers get off a terminating train
View of the parking lot from the platform
Another view over to the parking lot
The canopy of the station entrance and various bus loops
Looking down on buses in the bus loop
Sign for a 6 Car train for Richmond that won't leave for 17 minutes (your webmaster didn't realize service transitions abruptly from every 7.5 minutes to 20 at the stroke of 7:00pm from Fremont)
The end of the platform, the bumper blocks are gone as construction on the Warm Springs extension continues
Bart on the SubwayNut

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