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MacArthur is a BART station with four tracks just south of the split of Richmond-bound and Pittsburg/Bay Point-bound trains north of the station. The Richmond Line uses a flying junction to leave the Concord Line (that soon switches and becomes two tracks) so trains could enter the station on either track. In regular operations this is not the case, Richmond-Millbrae, and Richmond-Fremont Line Trains stop on the outside tracks and Pittsburg/Bay Point-SFO Airport Trains stop on the inside tracks. During normal operations there is a scheduled cross-platform transfer between Southbound Pittsburg/Bay Point-SFO Airport Line Trains and Richmond-Fremont trains. After the trains connect, normally SFO-bound trains leave first followed by Fremont-bound Trains directly behind them to go through the single southbound track tunnel through Oakland (this tunnel was designed to have four tracks but the second southbound one was scrapped due to funding problems). Northbound the lines have a scheduled transfer at 12th Street/Oakland City Center although northbound trains on these lines often stop at the same time because they have the benefit of not having to share a track through the Downtown Oakland Tunnels (since northbound trains have two tracks).

The station itself is located on an ariel guideway in the median of CA-24, The Grove Shaffer Freeway in Northern Oakland. The stop opened on September 11, 1972 as the northern terminus of the original BART line that ran north from Fremont. The four platforms are left exposed to the elements with simple red tiles embedded in their floors except towards there northern ends where a brown box structure canopy that extends over all four tracks covers about two train cars. It is beneath this that staircases, escalators and elevators lead down to fare control located at street level, down beneath the platforms. From here fare control is only out to the east side just south of the overpasses for the highway and BART over 40th Street. Here there is a large entrance plaza beneath the highway with a ton of bicycles parked on racks (there are also some bike boxes). Getting out of the shadows of the highway the stations small bus loop is reached with some AC Transit Routes and two free shuttle systems including the Emeryville-Go-Round that takes passengers into Emeryville (including the Amtrak Station) that lacks its own BART station. Beyond this is the station's 602 space parking lot that is currently partially closed for the construction of a new parking garage and the use of the rest of the current parking lot space for a transit village.
Photos 1-22: 20 April, 2006, 23-36: 20 March, 2008

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Looking down the platform to the area underneath the station canopy at MacArthur
A 4 car Train with a C-Car at the rear leaves MacArthur bound for San Francisco/Daly City (it has come from Richmond since its on the side track)
A C-Car is the back of a 4 car train bound for S.F./Daly City. The platform monitor displays that the next train will leave 15 minutes later just like their scheduled
The Large Mezzanine at MacArthur underneath the platforms and tracks
Fare gates at MacArthur on the lower mezzanine
Looking down the center tracks from the northbound platform at MacArthur
Looking down the center tracks (trains to/from Pittsburg/Bay Point) from the Northbound platform at MacArthur
A platform sign on a lamppost at MacArthur (the station has an unusual feature, of lampposts with four lamps going out from each)
C Cars to San Francisco Daly City approach MacArhur coming from Pittsburg/Bay Point
C Cars to San Francisco Daly City approach MacArhur coming from Pittsburg/Bay Point going over the interlocking north of the station
A 5 Car train for Richmond stops at MacArthur, the lead car is a C Car
A Car #1242 leaves MacArthur at the back of a 5 car train for Richmond
A Car #1242 at the back of a 5 car train for Richmond as it enters the Berkeley Hills Tunnel
C2 #2505 at the back of a San Francisco/Daly City bound train stops at MacArthur
C2 #2505 leaves MacArhur at the back of a SF/Daly City bound train
Looking across MacArthur Station a Fremont-bound train stops
A Car #1164 at the back of a Fremont-bound train goes under the highway interchange south of MacArthur Station
C1 #448 enters MacArthur bound leading a Pittsburg/Bay Point train into MacArthur (a Richmond bound train is in the background)
Two northbound trains approach MacArthur
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