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Passengers walk up passed California-leased ex-F40 Cabbage Car #90218 'Oakland'
ex-F40 Cabbage Car #90218 stops
The heritage 1980s livery with light blue and light green stripes of ex-F40 Cabbage Car #90218 now named Oakland
The Amtrak California lines and logo on the ex-F40 Cabbage Car and much smaller ex-NJT Comet Cars
The front vestibule and former cab area of ex-NJT Comet 1B #5009 The Valley Flyer
A back view of ex-F40 Cabbage Car #90218 Oakland
Yes, these ex-NJT Comet Cars, that still have some NJT logos (plus the state of California flag) are stopped in Stockton, CA
Amtrak California has also leased and repainted with the NJT black stripe and even NJT logos a couple of Horizon Dinette cars to serve as food service. This one is now named Pacific Horizon
Buses load, passengers are still loading and unloading since California passengers, spoiled by the bi-level cars with automatic doors aren't used to having to climb vestibule steps
The Amtrak California and State flag are around the middle windows of the Comet 1B, this one is now named The Citrus Belt Limited and it and the front car of the train have intentionally overshot the short-ish Stockton platform
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Home<Amtrak<Stockton-San Joaquin Street, CA<Photos Page 5

Last Updated: 15 March, 2011
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