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West Glacier, MT is the Amtrak Station at the western gates to Glacier National Park. It is located alongside the intersection of US-2 (that goes around the southern perimeter of the park) and Going-to-the-Sun Road (the main road that goes through the National Park across the Continental Divide to the other side). The station is completely unstaffed but does have an enclosed waiting area that is open and closed by a caretaker. The station's building is now used by the Glacier Natural History Association, who have restored it. The white (non-Amtrak font) signs say Belton, the station's original name before the Great Northern Railway decided to build a genuine station to promote tourism in Glacier National Park.

Between 2011 and 2013 the station recieved a mini-ADA modernization the simple platform that has ballast along its edge now has a series of modern West Glacier, MT signs. Towards the eastern end of the platform is a tiny mini-higher ADA platform, this new part of the platform is maybe 10 feet long with gradual ramps up to it down from each end of the regular platform. There are two tall black lamposts and a series of 3 on each side, smaller black light squares to light the ramps incline. Behind the little mini-high platform is a wheelchair lift enclosure.
Photos 1-7 taken on 17 May, 2009 on a quick stop, visiting by car, 8-13 on 28 June, 2013 out the rear window of the Eastbound Empire Builder.

A side view of the brown station house at West Glacier with the Belton station name visible.
The old-style Amtrak sign for West Glacier, MT.
The West Glacier, MT station platform with a sign for the Glacier Natural History Association on it.
Two benches on the platform side of the station house at West Glacier, MT.
A track-side view of the brown West Glacier, MT train station.
BNSF SD40-2 Freight Locomotives #6819 (orange and black) and #6818 (green) stopped on one of the sidings near the West Glacier platform.
BNSF SD40-2 Freight Locomotive #6818 across from the West Glacier, MT train station platform.
The long unimproved platform at West Glacier, new signs are along it
Passing the wooden station house that still has the Belton sign
A couple new Amtrak signs are outside the original station house
The tiny 10 foot long ADA platform with ramps at each end, two lampposts and a wheelchair lift enclosure behind it
Some of the original fencing has been kept (and the lampposts) around the new modern ADA slighlty higher, not just ballast platform
Passing the end of the platform to leave the station and a final sign by the end of the platform
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Last Updated: 19 May, 2009
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