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East Glacier Park, MT (although all the station signs just say Glacier Park, MT) is the main gateway station into Glacier National Park. The station house is in a large log cabin that was built by the Great Northern Railway as a way to promote tourism into the Park from the Rail line. It is a full service Amtrak station, and was a fresh-air stop when I was on the Eastbound Empire Builder. It is only open during the summer months (May-September), and during the winter months Amtrak service in the area is moved 18 miles east to Browning, MT, down in the plains on the Blackfeet Indian Reservation (This stop is much more primitive). The station house is in the style large log cabin that fits right into the surrounding area. The waiting room also has an historic feel with historical information panels along the walls and wooden benches, as well as some artwork and old-fashioned signs about Amtrak.
Photos 1-6: 13 July, 2006; 7-26: 17 May, 2009 on a quick stop by car; 27-34: 28 June, 2013 out the rear window of the Eastbound Empire Builder

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Looking down the platform at Glacier Park, MT by Superliner-II Coach #34133, we are still in the fairly green park, the dry dusty brown plains are in the distance
Looking the other way down the platform, towards the large log cabin station house at Glacier Park, MT
Glacier Park, MT, is right at the entrance to the national Park, the high peeks beckon
An old Glacier Park sign on the log cabin station house.
A pointless arrow Amtrak Glacier Park, Mt. sign on the log cabin station house
Looking down the platform at Glacier Park, MT
The top of the log-cabin style Glacier Park Station house is just up an embankment from the main east-west road the Empire Builder fallows through Montana, US Route 2
A green Glacier Park sign on the side of the log-cabin style station house.
A streetside view of Glacier Park with its Amtrak Rail Passenger Station sign
Another streetside view of the Glacier Park Station from the small parking lot that is alongside it
The old fashioned wooden benches in the waiting area of the station house at Glacier Park, MT
A painting depicting one of the lakes in Glacier National Park in the station house
A 1980s or '90s poster for Amtrak saying Discover the Magic with a train running by
The sign saying the Empire Builders stop times for Westbound and eastbound trains, it neglects to say the separate number for the Portland Section 27/28
The Glacier Park, MT sign on trackside side of the station house
Looking down the Glacier Park, MT station platform as a couple of passengers wait for the Eastbound Empire Builder #8/28 to Chicago
A streetside view of the station house at Glacier Park, with a Yes We're open sign in the window of the station.
The old 'pointless arrow' Glacier Park, MT sign on the station house.
Looking down towards the western end of the station platform at Glacier Park with snow-capped peaks off in the distance.
Genesis P42 Locomotive #203 begins to lead train #8/28, the Eastbound Empire Builder into Glacier National Park, six minutes late because it got stuck behind a freight train going over Marias Pass along the Hi-Line.
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