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The train station in Omaha, NE is currently a very simple brick station building that opened in 1983. The remains though of what the Omaha station used to be loom, almost ghostly (particularly from trains being serviced in the station, often in the middle of the night) over the current bare-bones station building. The large Chicago, Burlington & Quincy (CB&Q) depot that opened in 1898 is currently abandoned with many features of what must have been once a grand station building viewable from stopped Zephyr trains. The stop is where the conductors change, and other servicing is done.
Source: Great American Stations

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Looking down the platform at Omaha, NB at the rear Superliner of the Westbound Zephyr. It has just stopped at 12:28AM, two hours late and should be in Lincoln, the state capital by now.
Passengers wait to board and enjoy the midnight fresh air as the westbound California Zephyr is stopped at Omaha, NE. The ramains of the grand station building are visible off in the distance.
A sign on the wood and metal canopy at Omaha, NE for Track 3: Location 6. It also includes Omaha Nebraska on it.
The little yellow stools are set up outside the train to provide an extra step to the ground level platform as passengers enjoy middle of the night fresh air in Omaha, NB.
Looking towards the remains of what was once at overpass from the grand station building at Omaha.
Some corinthian columns from the old station building rise ghostly up over the Amtrak station platform at Omaha.
A dimly lit, now unused overpass that pretrudes from the abandoned station building crosses the Amtrak platform at Omaha, NE.
An abandoned metal entrance staircase to the overpass from the abandoned station building at Omaha
A fork-lift takes trash off of the Westbound California Zephyr.
The top of a double-decker Superliner Car is at equal height to the canopy at Omaha. The moon is also visible
A slightly late Zephyr stops just before daybreak
The abandoned historic station.
Amtraks 1980s station house
Dawn approaches behind the current station building
A train and historic station
The zephyrs two locomotives P42 #139 and #163
The 1980s style small waiting area
The ticket office and vending machines
The front of the Zephyr stopped at Omaha, the modern station house just beyond the stations parking lot
The grand facade of the abandoned historic station
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