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Lincoln, NE is the Amtrak stop in the capital city of Nebraska. The stop has a single platform and is an engineers change locavtion, it is only stopped at during the dead of night. The historic station has been renovated and the main hall turned into a special events space that can hold up to 425. Various other rooms see other uses. Amtrak uses a small side station area for its waiting room and ticket counter with checked baggage service. On the side of this building and just before the plaza with the historic Burlington Route Locomotive #710, is a mural depicting steam travel with a steam engine. Behind the steam engine is a water tower that spews water out of it like a fountain. Between the station platform and large historic building are a number of freight box cars lined up representing historic railroads of the area on display.
Source: Great American Stations

Lit up a bit at night, historic locomotive #710
The platform at Lincoln with passengers enjoying the wet and thundering night.
A modern piece of signage has come to the station, its along the platform alongside the parking lot
A close-up of the modern Lincoln, NE sign
The front of historic Burlington Route Locomotive #710, alongside its faux short canopy that has a sign saying Lincoln Depot on it
No passengers on the platform? Watch for Trains, no trespassing
The water tower feature spewing water down .
The mural of the steam engine crossing the plains
The line of historic box cars from various railways
The SuperLiners and historic box cars
Another view of historic locomotive #710
A final view of the smokestack on historic locomotive #710.
Home<Amtrak<Lincoln, NE

Last Updated: 1 June, 2011
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