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Cumberland, MD is a tiny city of 21,000 located in western Maryland. The train makes its way at a grade straight through the center of town, and trains must generally make three stops at the station, first for the engineers to switch, then for sleeping car passengers and finally for the coaches which is a quick fresh-air stop. The station has a small 1970s era beige station building with a small unstaffed waiting area, (open and closed by a caretaker) with about 15 brown seats, and quite spotless. This building has a canopy over a portion of the station's simple concrete platform. The platform extends south from the only entrance where Front Street (parallel to the railroad tracks) curves and becomes Harrison Street to beneath I-68's viaduct. Beneath the main canopied area is a very short (maybe ten foot long) wooden mini-high level platform area. The main US post office and distribution center for the region is alongside the platform giving it a backdrop of postal service trucks.
All Photos Taken on 30 May, 2011

Looking out the side of the stopped Capital Limited (with the car attendant 's permission) going through the center of Cumberland with the memorial day festivities set out
The flags for memorial day
Passengers wait to board the Capital Limited
Passengers get on and off the Capital Limited in the small sheltered areas
The generic brown chairs in the waiting room
Another side of the waiting room, even the trash can is brown
Looking south down the platform, there are a verity of planters on it before the interstate overpass.
A newly installed, modern Cumberland, MD sign with postal service trucks behind
Passengers have their smokes on the platform at Cumberland
The long Capital Limited doesn't quite fully platform
The new sign is in a random place in the middle of the platform
More passengers and the new wheelchair lift enclosure shed
A sign welcoming you to Cumberland, with a steam engine courtesy of the US postal service
The conductors and a passenger boarding the Capital Limited
A station side on the side of the small station house
Looking south of the platform at the narrow street that forms the stations only entrance
The back of the Capital Limited and the rest of the town of Cumberland
Another view down into town with the yellow line of the platform continuing a bit and almost forming a sidewalk
The north side of the small station building
More modern Amtrak signage in Cumberland, a slightly older information display and a newer simple name sign (with the text written on both sides)
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Last Updated: 3 June, 2011
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