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Toledo, OH is a city in western Ohio which has two Amtrak round-trips a day, the Capital and Lake Shore Limiteds stopping in the wee hours of the night or early morning to the portions of what hasn't been abandoned of the old Railroad Hub. There is also connecting bus service (provided by an Amtrak chartered motorcoach, not Greyhound) to Michigan, running all the way to East Lansing, this has replaced the Lake Citys which was a local train running from Toledo to Chicago via Detriot, Michigan and last ran in 1994-1995. The Pennsylvanian also stopped at the station from November 7, 1998 to January 27, 2003 when it was extended to Chicago to accommodate Amtrak's Express Shipping business.

Trains in Toledo stop at the historic and large Union Terminal Station that was designed by Robert Crosbie and opened by the New York Central Railroad in 1950, replacing the previous Victorian-era station, one of the last grand train stations to be built. The station has low-level platforms with quite old looking metal canopies over all of the platforms most of which have been abandoned. There is even an area with two abandoned stub-end platforms to the east of the large brick station building. There were definitely underpasses at one time into the large brick Union Terminal station building most likely for package express as well as an overpass to the building that is still in existence but has no public access.

Today, Passengers get out to the far track using wooden level crossings. The current waiting room is on the first floor and moved there in 1990s, orginally it was located on the third floor and led out to an overpass to the platforms. This area is still intact but now a private event space. Inside the Amtrak waiting area of the station building is a nice large waiting room with a ticket window and baggage office and a colorful floor, along with black padded benches for waiting. Greyhound moved into the station to join Amtrak in 2016, with buses now keeping the station open during the day, a Subway sandwich shop has also opened.

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Photos 1-12: August 20, 2008; 13: May 29, 2011, 14-19: August 5, 2011; 20-22: July 19, 2009; 23-43: July 22, 2012; 44-46: August 5, 2012; 47-59 July 2, 2016;

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A metal platform sign of an unstandardized design hangs from the canopy at Toledo, OH.
Hand Painted signs depict tracks 2 and 3 on one of the island platforms in the large station complex that is barely used at Toledo, OH. There is also one saying 'To Station'
Passengers walk down to board the Lake Shore Limited on track 3 at Toledo, OH. Some brick enclosed areas on the platform now closed to the public are visible
A painted sign on a brick wall of a closed off interior area for the now closed Exit Ramp
Passengers board and detrain from the Westbound Lake Shore Limited at Toledo, OH. The large station building is visible.
The rising sun and curve of a canopy over abandoned tracks at Toledo, OH.
An old sign that says two station on a small closed off area of the platform at Toledo, OH.
The side platform closest to civilization at Toledo, OH with the station parking lot visible beyond track 1.
Two abandoned and overgrown stub-end tracks that were once for passenger trains terminating at Toledo.
Some signs of a former industrial area with an old sign for the Great Lakes Warehouse are visible from the Amtrak station at Toledo, OH.
Another view down the island platform for tracks 2 and 3 at Toledo, OH with the Westbound Lake Shore Limited stopped in the station just after daybreak .
The tracks and long platforms with there unused metal canopies curve off into the distance. The sun is continuing to rise at Toledo, OH.
The Capital Limited makes its service stop shortly before midnight.
One portion of the wide station house and the doors out to the street
Benches and the ticket/baggage window beyond
Another interior view of this extremely bright station
Another view of the waiting room with its colorful floor
More benches
The doors from the station out to the platforms
Private Varnish Salisbury Beach on the Lake Shore Limited stopped at Toledo on an annual Great Circle Rail Trip
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