Buffalo-Depew, NY
Buffalo-Depew, NY

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Buffalo (Depew), NY feels like a rural but staffed Amtrak station even though it serves the suburbs of New York's second largest city, in the village of Depew. It is though the only station served by the Lake Shore Limited and has amenities like checked baggage service since the station is also a service stop on the Lake Shore Limited. The Maple Leaf and two Empire Service trains that extended to Niagara Falls stop here as well as at Exchange St located in downtown Buffalo. The station opened in November 1979 replacing service to the spectactular Central Terminal that has laid abandoned ever since

The stop has one single low-level side platform with a tactile warning strip and trains use stools for a shorter step between the train and the platform, new modern Amtrak station signs were also installed along with a wheelchair lift and an enclosure for it using ARRA funds. This platform is canopied in portions and not in others and slightly set back from it is a 1970s era brick station house with a fully staffed ticket window and checked baggage service. There are some benches and vending machines inside. A canopy stretches from the station building over the main walkway out to the platform and along a good portion of the platform providing protection from the elements. Outside of the station house is a driveway and some parking lots along with a line of taxis for transportation to the surrounding areas. There is nothing much else in the area in terms of amenities.
Photos 1-4: 18 July, 2006; 5-25: 5 August, 2011; 26-32: 2 July, 2016

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The Amfleets of the Lake Shore Limited stopped
A now replaced pointless arrow sign on the side of the station building
Baggage is unloaded and passengers get off of the Sleepers on the Lake Shore Limited
The simple 1970s era station house
Vending machines the only source of food inside the station house
The ticket window overlooking the chairs for waiting passengers
A street side exterior view of the Depew Station house
The parking lot and what looks like a relatively rural landscape around Depew
The main parking lot and Viewliners and baggage car of the back (New York Section) of the Lake Shore Limited
A new logo Buffalo, NY Rail Passenger Station entrance sign
Sign on the overhang of the roof of the station building
A parking lot and the Amfleets with others in the distance of the Lake Shore Limited
Passengers detrain from the Lake Shore
Passengers enjoying a fresh air/smoke stop, notice the border patrol officer, they inspect the train although it does not actually cross the boarder
Amfleets beneath the platform canopy
The Heritage Dining Car of the Lake Shore
Boarder Patrol cars in the station parking lot
A modern platform sign
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