Buffalo-Exchange Street, NY
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Buffalo-Exchange Street is a simple Amtrak Station located in just south of Downtown Buffalo. The grade level Buffalo Metro Rail along Main Street runs a couple of blocks west of the station The city did have a large downtown station at one time called Buffalo Central Station (named for the New York Central Railroad). Its art deco remains are visible from trains just west of the current Exchange Street station that was built to replace it. The current station has a fairly small brick station house that is still open and staffed for the weekday eastbound departures to New York (two Empire Service trains a day), as well as the Maple Leaf when it stops in both directions of its service. There is one side platform at track level that is falling apart. When I was getting off a train there the conductor reminded the grey haired lady to watch her step on a pothole along it. It's quite uneven. The Lakeshore Limited doesn't serve the station, stopping only at the subruban Buffalo-Depew Station before it curves south to fallow Lake Erie.

A wide-angled view of the Westbound Maple Leaf #63 stopped at Buffalo-Exchange Street.
Walking up exchange street, the simple brick station building fades from view.
Another view of the Brick Station house at Buffalo-Exchange Street. The station still has an original, rusty metal canopy
A sign saying the parking lot is only for Amtrak patrons only at Buffalo-Exchange Street .
A view of the side of the station house at Buffalo-Exchange Street and the rusty canopied area over the platform.
A close up of the high and prominent sign with the modern Amtrak logo that labels the Buffalo, NY-Exchange Street station.
A streetside view of the station house at Buffalo-Exchange Street.
A view of the parking area at Buffalo-Exchange Street Station, with the concrete of the New York State Thruway highway overpass above the platforms.
A trackside view of the only station sign on the platform at Buffalo Exchange Street with the canopy that is attached to the brick station building visible.
Looking down the single island platform at Buffalo-Exchange Street that is basically a sidewalk with a sidewalk lip towards the tracks.
A sign on the platform at Buffalo-Exchange Street whose meaning can't be distinguished because so many letters have fallen off.
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