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  • Amtrak Cascades from Portland to the rebuilt Tukwila Station via Port Defiance

    This is Part 3 of my 2018 Pacific Northwest Up-to-Date Trip I leave the Society Hostel at 11:15 with my luggage and started walking north the few blocks to Union Station. I pass Union Station/NW 5th & Gilsan–(2 Photos) and then some northbound trains curving around the curve just north of Union Station/NW 6th & Hoyt–(3 Photos).   I […]

  • Sunrise over the Tilikum Crossing – The New MAX Orange Line to Milwaukie

    This is Part 2 of my 2018 Pacific Northwest Up-to-Date Trip With the time change I wake up at the Society Hotel early, a little before 6:00am. I have my room until 11:00am (I’m taking the Noon Amtrak Cascades Train northbound) and decide to just get dressed, eat a granola bar and go since according […]

  • Flying SBN to MSP to PDX to get the Pacific Northwest up to date, and go on my annual ski trip with my Dad

    This trip report is part of the series 2018 Pacific Northwest Up-to-Date. Introduction This past March, my Dad and I planned 4 days of skiing at Whistler in British Columbia four our annual ski trip. Louise it turned out had a paper accepted at a conference in Hawaii, just near our ski trip dates and the way […]

  • The Hammond SLE Station

    I don’t particularly like doing single station updates (without it being a one day transit adventure), but there’s no other good place for this update. The last not-uploaded South Shore Line Photo essay is of Hammond–(47 Photos), which I visited the same day I biked to the Hammond-Whiting Amtrak Station, did the South Chicago Branch […]