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Dyer, IN Amtrak and Chicago Amtrak Yards

I haven’t had much of a train summer. I haven’t even been on a non-tourist train since June. I’m also currently transitioning computers, (anyone know what program can display my Aperture 2 Photo library on Windows?) to a new PC desktop from the 2009 MacBook that I’m still working on this website on. There were two small sets of photos I took in June that I’m ready to share.

I had to drive to Chicago to make a late evening O’Hare pick-up (after the last trains and buses to South Bend leave at 9:15pm) and stopped for the Amtrak platform in (23 Photos), I unfochunately I missed the day’s New York-bound Cardinal .


Earlier in the month I was in Chicago with my bike and had an excellent ride viewing the Amtrak yards from the various road bridges that pass over them. Don’t quite know where these would be filed long-term in my stations page scheme of my website so consider this a “bonus” blog photo share: