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Herald Square to Grand Central via Bus, a crowded M5 and an empty M42 – No Subways = Gridlock, Part 5

This post is the fifth (Post 1|Post 2|Post 3|Post 4) in a multi-post series about my day wandering down to Midtown Manhattan after Superstorm Sandy when there was no subway service and the only train service to Manhattan was the Metro-North Harlem Line that resumed hourly service after 2pm, all bus service was fare-free.

I left the Penn Station area and walked a block over to Herald Square to get photos of the closed PATH and Subway Station, Manhattan Mall was closed so I couldn’t quite get as many different photos (this station still lacks its own page so here is another WordPress gallery-whose design I’m not a fan of):

I then saw the M5 Limited and took a very crowded bus (last photo in the gallery) north one stop to 42nd Street. I started by getting photos of 42 Street-Bryant Park(4 Photos)

I then walked up to Times Square(7 Photos), full of tourists but no benches inside the now closed portions of Broadway. I was particularly happy to get photos of the one subway entrance that has turnstiles at street level. There there was an extremely board looking police offer inside the subway station.

I left Times Square and saw an M42 which was empty enough that I got a seat for the half-mile and quite quick half-mile ride to Grand Central Terminal. There was minimal cross-town traffic.