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Upload: GO transit is here with six stations! Plus Winnipeg

When I was in Toronto a year and a half ago I tried to photograph a bit of the GO Transit Commuter Rail system, who the now ambiguous Bombardier Bi-Level commuter rail cars of North American Commuter Railroads were originally designed and built for. I really didn’t get to photograph very many VIA stations and even fewer trains, especially because 5 of the 7 lines only operate during peak direction rush hours (GO Transit operates an extended bus system with interlined ticketing to provide off-peak service).
Anyway, here are the six stations I photographed (two are shared with VIA Rail Canada’s Intercity Rail Services):

Union Station Toronto’s Union Station (14 photos)
Aldershot Aldershot (13 photos)
Burlington Burlington (6 photos)
Kipling Kipling (6 photos)
Kennedy Kennedy (4 photos)
Bloor Bloor (16 photos)

As a bit of an add-on to this website update, here’s the only VIA station I was able to photograph on my road trip last summer back from Colorado to New York that included going up to Calgary and Edmonton, (don’t worry I photographed both their light rail systems fully, they will probably be the next large website update, using the much more efficient to make caption-less webpages that I’ve used in Buenos Aires and Toronto So Far, I might though decide to try a hybrid system and only caption some images, such as vehicle types and #s, I’ll see, I haven’t decided yet, don’t worry I’m keeping the subway portion of the website in the same format as always, these photos need the date taken beneath them in the least, I might perhaps try the light-box system which would allow for the first time a slideshow view, although I would have to make my images smaller. Comments on this for how I should proceed with new webpages would be appreciated!

Well here’s that VIA Station:

Winnipeg Winnipeg, MB (11 photos)

Enjoy this update! The next couple weeks are a prime time for website updates for me, I got back to Colorado last weekend, and am currently taking a relatively easy optional J-term type half-block with plenty of free time to update this website, So check back for new updates often!


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  3. Well yes, but I feel that part of all the transit cuts has to do with the fact that those of us Colorado Springs pay some of the lowest taxes in the nation (particularly in property tax), and any mesures to raise taxes keep failing at the ballot, TABOR is also a huge problem because it means that in times of surplus the city can’t have one.
    I am too not happy with the transit cuts (and definitely voted for the tax increase to continue to fund mass transit and other vital city services). It seems though to be what the ultra conservative voters in this city want.

    Posted by Jeremiah Cox

    Link | January 16th, 2010 at 5:20 PM