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Poineer Square has a tall vaulted arch ceiling over the entire wide station for the two side light rail/bus platforms and the intermediate lane in-between them (so buses can pass each other). The station was designed under the theme of Poineers and Timelessnes so marble is a common building material lining the walls and staircase bannisters. There are multiple artistic installations in this theme. For exits, each platform has a staircase/up escalator and an elevator up to almost identical mezzanines at either end of the station. These are set directly inside the top of the vaulted ceiling and the ends overlooking the platform have just a low-fence offering a nice view of the platforms below. The south mezzanine has a wheel on display that was discovered during excavations and few information panels about the history of cable cars in Seattle. They ran up the steep hills from 1888 lasted until 1940, the last system to be abandoned leaving San Francisco as the only city with this unique form of transportation. This mezzanine leads to a single wide staircase, up escalator and elevator entrance inside Prefontaine Park at 2 Avenue and Yesler. The north mezzanine has a 3 more entrances to it. There is a simple staircase and elevator right along the sidewalk up to the NE corner of 3 Avenue and James Street. There is an up escalator and staircase to an entrance inside a building on the north side of James Street between 3 and 2 Avenues. The final entrance is two escalators up to their own simple enclosure on the sidewalk on the east side of 3 Avenue between James and Cherry Streets.
Photos 1-34 taken on 11 October, 2011; 35-37:

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One of the Artifact Clocks by Kate Ericson and Mel Ziegler
Looking down one of the marble escalator/staircases down to one of the staircases
One of the former cable car wheels in one of the mezzanines
One of the information panels about the cable cars in Seattle
Another cable cars panel
A third cable cars panel
The cable wheel in the context of the mezzanine it was found near and situated on
These low fences at the edges of the mezzanines offer a nice view down to the platform areas
The high vaulted ceiling of the station
A long exposure shot of the station
A platform elevator
The all three vertical modes exit to 3rd Ave & Yesler Way
The urban canyon by Laura Sindell
An evening view of the entrance from 3rd Ave & Yelser Way
Sign and entrance from 3rd Ave & Yelser Way
NE corner of 3 Avenue and James Street entrance
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