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University Street is a stop in the Downtown Transit Tunnel with a double-height (but not vaulted) ceiling over the entire wide station for the two side light rail/bus platforms and the intermediate lane in-between them (so buses can pass each other). It's Theme is a touch of high-tech (King County Metro's Information Page about it) There are are entrances at either end on mezzanines suspended from the top of ceiling with just a low glass handrail preventing passengers from falling down to the tracks below and offering interesting photographs down to down below. Each mezzanine has an elevator and a single staircase/up escalator down to each platform. The south mezzanine has an elevator and staircase that lead up to the NW corner of 3 Avenue and Seneca Street inside an office building. This also has a separate entrance just beyond the corner with two escalators. The north mezzanine has one of the more interesting exits with a ramp down to (ADA compliant) 2nd Avenue inside the plaza along Second Avenue of 1201 Third Avenue. This entrance is full of original signage saying 'Metro Tunnel.' The second exit has a staircase between to escalators up to 1300 3 Avenue South.
Photos 1-38 taken on 11 October, 2011, 39 & 40: April 11, 2014

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LRV #134 stops
Station name text
LRV #134 stopped
The north mezzanine
The large north mezzanine
Looking down to the platforms and above a stopped Link train
Looking down from above at a Link train beginning to leave
The ramp to the exit on 2 Avenue
An old Metro Tunnel sign on the passageway to the 2 Avenue exit
On the side of a building is where the 2 Avenue exit is
An old sign for the Metro Tunnel University Street station
Outside the entrance from 2 Avenue
A post for a station entrance
A different post for a station entrance
The entrance in 1300 3 Avenue South
The modern sign at the entrance in 1300 3 Avenue South
Looking across to the entrance at 3rd Avenue & Scenica Street, a bangle is outside of it
Stairs or elevator? down from 3rd Avenue & Scenica Street
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