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SW Moody
South Waterfront/SW Moody Station is located at the west end of the Tilikum Crossing bridge that trains use to cross the Willamette River. This station has a unique platform and track layout with what are four tracks, the two outside tracks are for MAX trains. The two inside tracks for the Portland Streetcar A Loop and B Loop Lines with the paved streetcar trackways also used by Bus Routes 9-Powell and 17-Holgate/Broadway. Just beyond the station the streetcar tracks switch onto the MAX tracks (where a small grassy median exists) before the lines join each other for the 2 track Tilikum Crossing with the trackbeds shared with buses. The station has what look like two island platforms that begin at the grade crossing of SW Moody Avenue and run east. Only MAX trains and buses (with smaller designated stops at the front of each station platform, fencing is otherwise along the bus/streetcar lane) stop at this station. On the outside of the streetcar tracks (seperated by a fence) is a bike lane in each direction leading up to the Tilikum Crossing bike path.

Portland A and B-Loop Streetcars stop a block north of this MAX Station on each side of Moody Avenue at SW Moody & Mead, this stop (two simple bus shelters with tactile warning strips, like all Portland Streetcar stops) is shared with the North South Streetcar Line. The NS Line runs along Moody Street, with the A and B Loop routes joining the original streetcar line in the middle of the same intersection where the MAX Orange Line goes straight across the streetcar junction and onto the SW Harbor Viaduct, a grade-separated viaduct used only by MAX trains up over the surrounding neighborhood to head towards downtown.

The station platforms have two triangular solar paneled canopy structures with decorated columns with mosaics by Lynn Basa that are at most Orange Line Stations, this stop's are designed to resemble birch trees, inspired by DNA sequencing for the OSHU new Collaborative Life Sciences building along the northside of the station.
All photos taken on 8 March, 2018
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Stepping off a dawn MAX train
Lighted South Waterfront/SW Moody signs and the dawn
A City Center-bound train enters while a Milwaukie-bound train leaves, with the bridge off in the distance
Type-4 LRV #407 enters horizontal station sign beneath a station canopy
Type-4 LRV #407 approaches
A horizontal platform sign
A Route 17 bus passes a Light rail train before stopping in the station
A Expo Center-bound train stops at the station
Looking down the inside bus/streetcar tracks
The outside Only LRV tracks with a protected bike lane along it
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