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Lincoln St
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Lincoln St/SW 3rd Ave is the most northern intermediate station on the Orange Line which opened on September 12, 2015. Most northbound trains become Yellow Line trains after leaving this station. The station is located in the median of Lincoln Street with an island platform for the two-track line. The station is located mid-block between the grade-crossings of SW 4th Avenue and SW 5th Avenue. The island platform has access points at each end via crosswalks. The western end of the crosswalk is just a pedestrian crosswalk, the eastern end is a proper intersection with a traffic light, allowing vehicular traffic to cross the rail line and get to driveways on each side of the road. A neat feature are pedestrian trails leading between buildings north of the platform, accessible from each entrance after crossing Lincoln Street.

The station's island platform has two canopy structures that cover about half of the platform, these roofs are made of solar panels. The columns are decorated with mosaics: Journey Trough Time by Lynn Basa. The trackway along the platform is also unique with ecotrack. This is grass planted between the tracks designed to capture storm water runoff and reduce train vibrations. This is claimed to be the first installation of eco-track in the United States.
All photos taken on 8 March, 2018
Getting off an inbound train
Journey Through Time
A becoming Yellow Line train to Expo Center leaves
A horizontal station sign beneath a station canopy
Journey Through Time
The western station entrance to a TVM
The trackbeds have grass in them
Across from the platform
Across from the platform with two canopy sturctures
The pedestrian crossing to the western platform entrance
Type-3 LRV #313 to Milwaukee appraoches 4th Street to cross it
Type-4 LRV #313 continues to approach 4th Street to cross it
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