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SE Tacoma/Johnson Creek is one of two stations on the Milwaukie Line with a Park & Ride that has 318 parking spaces and a secure, covered Bike & Ride facility with 72 spaces for bikes plus an additional 34 normal bike rack spaces. The station is near the Union Pacific ROW, although not directly alongside it with the light rail tracks veering to allow additional access to the station parking lot. The station has a single island platform for the two track line with pedestrian crossings to it at each end, the north end only crosses the Southwest track, because of Johnson Creek and a wetland area to the north.

Along the Southwest side of the tracks is the station's parking that is nestled between the tracks and SE McLoughlin Blvd, a partially sidewalk-less urban boulevard with a median barricade and overpasses at some streets (that also cross the adjacent MAX and UP Rail lines) to allow faster traffic speeds. The Bike & Ride facility is along the the east side of the parking lot, just beyond the southern grade-crossing.

Access to the staiton is via a what's basically a two-way ramp from the northbound lanes of McLoughhlin Blvd, that pass the station's driveway entrance (with a small bus loop and layover area south of the platform) and rise up to a 4 four-way intersection (with another two-way ramp back down to the northbound lanes of McLoughlin Blvd) with the Tenino Street.

The platform has two platform canopy structures with solar panels. The columns have mosaics depicting fish swimming in blue waters in recenntly restored Johnson Creek as part of the Journey Through Time art installation at multiple stations. Additional artwork are two large earthcast cicular sculptures (pigmented concrete and dirt) called Kerf by Thomas Sayre memorialize the water wheels that used to use the power of Johnson Creek for early manufacturing.
All photos taken on 8 March, 2018
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Looking across to the Bike & Ride with conventional public bike racks and a more secure indoor area
A Train to Milwaukie leaves crossing the driveway
Type 3 LRV #324 continues south to Milwaukie
Across from the platform and sidewalk to a short observation platform for Johnson Creek
Journey Through Time
The southern main station entrance
The unsecured bike parking area with a mesh gate to the more secured area that requires a key card and costs a few cents per hour to park your bike
A canopy station sign
A Northbound train stops in the station
Type 1 LRV #125 enters
Curving into the SE Tacoma/Johnson Creek station on a southbound train
A platform sign
Journey Through Time
Type 4 LRV #409 curves out of the station
Type 4 LRV #409 continues departing
Type 4 LRV #409 continues south, curving out of the station
Type 4 LRV #409 curves around the Bike & Ride
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