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Main St
Milwaukie/Main Street is the second to last stop on the MAX Orange Line. The Station is located just stouth of the center of Milwauke. The station consists of an island platform for the two track line that begins at the oddly angled grade-crossing of 21st Avenue and runs south. There is a freight track just east of the passenger line. The southern end of the platform is just before Main Street/Lake Road cross under the tracks and trains cross over Kellogg Creek on a bridge. Station entrances are at each end of the platform. The northern entrance is from the sidewalks of 21st Street that loop around slightly to not cross the tracks at the same 45 degree angle as 21st Street and provide safer stopping distance to pedestrians. The southern entrance leads to a pedestrian grade-crossing across the northbound track that leads down to a staircase to Lake Road/Main Street. The area in the triangle formed by this staircase and 21 Street is a plaza that is currently the Milwaukie Station Food Cart Pod with food trucks semi-permanently parked in the plaza.

The station's public artwork is Threshold, which consists of wide granite stones surrounding the columns that hold up the two platform canopies, and carved millstones at different angles in the plaza at the entrance to the station.
All photos taken on 8 March, 2018
Type-4 LRV #411 departs heading northbound with an incorrect rear sign
Two trains pass on the Adams Street grade-crossing
A horizontal platform sign
Threshold around a canopy column
A Milwaukie-bound train departs
Type-2 LRV #217 heads south to Milwaukie
Type-2 LRV #217 fades into the distance
The southern entrance, the sidewalk goes through the station due to an odd grade-crossing angle for pedestrian safety
The station entrance at an odd angle of Adams Street and 21st Avenue
Looking across the freight track at the station platform
An Expo Center-bound train approaches
Type 5 LRV #524 approaches
Type 5 LRV #524 enters passing the food truck plaza beneath the station
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