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Central TC
SE 103rd Ave
Hillsboro Central TC/SE 3rd Ave serves the main bus connections with 5 lines in Hillsboro. The stop is dedicated to Shirley A. Huffman and consists of platforms on the northside of Washington Street between SE 3rd and 4th Avenues. There is an island platform only used by Portland-bound trains (a fence along the Hatfield Government Center-bound track keeps passengers from crossing except at the either end of the platforms) this platform has a central canopy (with a TVMs) with brick pillars holding up a slightly gabled roof and a few benches surrounded by windscreens. The side platform for Hatfield Government Center-bound trains is along a large modern (opened with the station in 1998) brick building and just beyond the building are the bus loops for connections. Inside the building is a precinct for the Hillsboro Police and the closed Books by Rail branch of the Hillsboro Public Library that was unsuccessful and closed in 2003.
All Photos taken on 19 October, 2011
Approaching the station platforms and bus loop just beyond
Quotes in the pavement
The station has an unusual side platform/island platform design with Hatfield Government Center-bound trains only opening their doors on the side platform
The gabled roof of the large transit center building
Looking through the bus loops and towards the transit center building
A windvane on top of the transit Center, the windscreen of the Light Rail platform is vsible through
The center is dedicated to Shirley A. Huffman
The platform windscreen on the edge of the island platform only used by City Center-bound trains
Looking down the side platform along the transit center as a passenger waits for a train the one stop to Hatfield Government Center
Bricks hold up the platform canopy
Type-1 LRV #112 approaches bound for Hillsboro
Type-3 LRV #323 and a Hillsboro-bound train approach the platform
Type-3 LRV #323 keeps entering
Type-3 LRVs #310 and #323 both stop
Type-3 LRV #310 runs down the middle of Washington Street
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