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Hatfield Government Center is named after Senator Mark O. Hatfield who was the main Senator who pushed for funding of the light rail line. It is the terminus of the Westside MAX Light Rail line in Hillsboro which is how LRVs are signed and announcements are made. To reach the station, the line curves north away from its ROW in the median of Washington Street and into the station alongside a freight ROW, with a Hillsboro junction sign. The two track line expands for three tracks at the station, each ending in a bumper block with an island platform for tracks 1 and 2 and a side platform for track A. Access to the island platform by both a level crossing at the southern end to Washington Street and mainly beyond the bumper blocks where there is a brick brick building built when the Light Rail opened in 1998. No fully indoor areas are open to the public but there is a window that is a snack bar type of concession and inside a covered area of the building (with brick walls on three sides) provides its seating. The building is between Main Street and the tracks. The island platform also has a similar brick with a green canopy structure inside of it with a few benches that have plastic windscreens around them. The side platform for track A is totally bare and exposed to the elements. It seems to have limited use. The artwork theme of the station is Gathering and Dispersal by Chirstine Bourdette.
All Photos taken on 19 October, 2011
The sign on the island platform for Tracks 1 and 2
Canopied windscreen shelters for waiting passengersLooking down the platform
A map of the stations two platforms and 3 tracks and building beyond the bumper blocks
A Platform sign
A bumper-block
Type-2 LRV #230 already signed for Gresham stopped
Type-2 LRV #230 stopped in front of the bumper
Type-2 LRV #227 stopped in front of the bumper
Plaques about the Mark O. Hatfield Government Center Station
A sign in the little waiting/dining area (from a concession) outside the station building
A freight track is parallel to the light rail platform
The brick station house with a concession inside
Looking through the brick station house an LRV stopped is just visible
Track A has just trees for shelter and generally sits unused
Type-2 LRV #230 stopped
A sign on Tack-2 has never received its blue dot, this is what they originally looked like
Type-1 #122 stopped
Track A switches onto Track 1 as soon as its platform ends
Type-3 LRV #310 stopped in the station
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