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Tukwila International Blvd is an elevated Sounder Station with two side platforms located high above a large park & ride lot with 600 spaces. It was originally the southern terminus of Central Link for a short period of time from its opening on July 18, 2009 to December 19, 2009. There are still blank siliver illuminated next train signs in the mezzanine. It also connects to four regular King County Metro Routes plus the northern terminus of RapidRide Route A (that also stops at SeaTac Airport after 2 intermediate stops) down to International Blvd. These bus routes all stop in the station's entrance plaza in the middle of the parking lots beneath the elevated platforms. Here Soundings by Clark Wiegman, an abstract sculpture is found next to the two escalators and a staircase inbetween plus an elevator that lead to the station's large mezzanine beneath the platforms with glass curtain walls. Here are the TVMs and POP fare zones begin and a single bank of two escalators with a narrow staircase in-between plus an elevator lead up to each platform. Above the southbound staircase on the mezzanine is a Molecule of Region, that is an impressive suspended sculpture that looks like an atom. The northbound staircase has A Drop of Sustenance, that looks like first a formed teardrop and then the splattering form it hitting a surface. Both are by Ted Savinar who is also responsible for Voices of Tukwila, pavers throughout the station with quotes from the community. The platforms can also be reached by a separate elevator up to each. The platforms are also modern with glass walls and metal canopies over both for their entire lengths. There is also a slightly roof over the track area as well towards the southern end of the station where the exit is.
Photos 1-45 taken on 11 October, 2011; 46-60: 8 March, 2018

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LRV #110B bound for SeaTac Stops
LRV #110B starts to leave
LRV #110B and a SeaTac-bound train leave
One end of the cantilevered roof above both platforms
One of the quotations from Voices of Tukwila
Molecule of Region
The elevator shaft behind Molecule of Region
These strange things look like solar panels, I bet their to keep birds away
The TVMs in the mezzanine between the elevators up to each platform
The elevator and escalators beyond down to street level
A Drop of Sustenance
The TVMs off in the distance plus two black boxes next to the LED sing, these were the Next Train indicators from when the stop was the terminus
Approaching the escalators down to the station's parking lot and street level
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The describtions of all artwork come from the "START on Link: Guide to Art Along the Central Link light rail line" brochure, Sound Transit, Obtained 2011
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