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Seattle's Central Link Light Rail is only 15.7 miles long and opened in stages with the initial segment from the Seattle Transit Tunnel to Tukwila International Blvd opening on July 18, 2009, with the one stop extension to SeaTac/Airport on December 19, 2009. The line uses almost every type of possible ROW imaginable for a light rail line except for just plain street running. Starting from SeaTach the line begins by running mostly on a high-speed ariel structure via Tukwila's stop until it enters Seattle and runs in the median of MLK Jr. Way. It rises back up onto an elevated briefly for Mount Baker before entering the mile long Beacon Hill Tunnel that has a stop in the middle of it at 160 feet beneath the surface. Next it emerges again and follows the King County Metro Bus Way for two stops alongside the buses before joining the buses and entering the Seattle Transit Tunnel with them. This the light rail uses to run beneath downtown Seattle before terminating at Westlake (one stop short of the north portal of the bus tunnel), the University Link extension of two underground stops in a 3.15 mile long deep bore tunnel beneath Capital Hill is under construction and due to open in 2016 with more extensions in the planing stages. The line uses Kinkisharyo LRVs that presently run in two car sets with all stations already prepared for 3 car sets and only slight modifications required for four cars. Headways are extremely decent with a 10 minute base for weekday and weekend service. Weekday rush hour service is every 7.5 minutes with 15 minutes during early mornings and late evenings. Service is discontinued between before 1am and 5am (only from 6am to 11pm Sundays).
University Link
Opens 2016
Central Link
Home<Pacific Northwest<Link Light Rail

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