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Columbia City Station consists of two side platforms for the two track line for the station located at a grade in the middle of Martin Luther King Jr. Way. The tracks do have a fence between them to prevent passengers from crossing. The station runs north between the intersections of S Edmonds Street (where Garden Windows by Juan Alonso and Pride by Norie Sato are, unphotographed) and Alaska Street (where Global Garden Shovel by Victoria Fuller is, unphotographed). Each of entrances have ramps up to each platform from the crosswalk across the street. These walkways are not all that short from each direction to the platforms because the two blocks (Angeline Street is spit into two by the station) are a bit farther apart than the needed length for the platforms. At each entrance is a glass canopy that covers TVMs with ORCA targets right at the actual entrances to the platforms. The ends of each platform near the entrances have just a low fence with simple lampposts. Along the platforms is A Relic in the Garden by Gale McCali. It consists of two various way oversized bronze magnifying glasses and baskets to invite visitors to "Explore the Neighborhood of converging cultures and to gather ideas and information about the world."
Photos 1-12 taken on 11 October, 2011; 13 on 8 March, 2018

LRVs #104B and #103A stop
A Columbia City platform sign
The station during bit of a rainstorm
A Relic in the Garden
The exit to Edmunds Street
It's pouring at Columbia City
The central canopy with its windscreen is made mostly of glass
Looking across to another rainy portion of the platform
The rain at Columbia City
Looking out a stopped train at Columbia City, some of the signage has been changed to Sound Transit's new format
Home<Pacific Northwest<Central Link Light Rail<Columbia City
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The describtions of all artwork come from the "START on Link: Guide to Art Along the Central Link light rail line" brochure, Sound Transit, Obtained 2011
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