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Angle Lake Station (known as South 200th Street, during planning before being renamed for a nearby lake) opened on September 24, 2016 as part of a one-stop 1.6 mile, $383 million extension south from Sea-Tac Airport Station. The entire extension is on a grade-separated elevated structure and this station, the last stop is located just west of 28th Avenue South, with the station straddling S 200th Street. The station has a single island platform for the two-track line with trains changing directions using a diamond crossover north of the station. The elevated guideway and tracks continue south with tail tracks half-way to South 204th Street where a trainset can be stored on each. This will avoid any disruptions to existing service when service is extended to Federal Way Transit Center (an existing Park & Ride parking garage) in 2024. This short extension was primarily construction with the University Link Extension at the northern end of the original Central Link line to provide additional Park & Ride capacity because Tukwila International Blvd, the only Park & Ride on the original Link spots are chronically full. The station is in a light industrial area on the first continuous road that goes east-west south of the airport runways.

The elevated station platform is canopied for most of it's length except in the middle of the platform above S 200th Street. Here the disks of Cloud by Laura Haddad glistens in the sunlight. This platform has two entrances each leading down to plazas on each side of South 200th Street. Each entrance has a combined staircase/up escalator and an elevator.

The station has a large 1,120 space parking garage by the north entrance. This garage stretches to 26th Avenue that curves north around the garage, putting a portion of the garage at an angle. The concrete garage is clad in what looks like blue mesh, making the garage look more distinctive. The garage is built into a hill, so passengers walk over to the station through a plaza on the third floor of the 6 story garage, this also means that the first two stories are larger than the top of the parking structure. Under the plaza Immerse by Jill Anhold lets natural light down onto the parking story below in a unique sculptural design
All Photos taken on 8 March, 2018

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Stepping off a train under Cloud
Plaque for Cloud
Signs for the Next Train this platform, a 3 car affair
An escalator and staircase off the southern end of the platform, where the tracks will be extended by 2024
LRV #118A waits to leave
A platform sign for Angle Lake
A windscreen and 4 car stopping position at the end of the platform
A train and the parking garage covered in blue mesh beyond
Heading down a staircase off the platform
Approaching the southern entrance area
Sign reminding sports fans to buy a day pass (how the Link markets a round trip ticket) to save time and not have to stand in line after the game
Fare-paid zones The plaza outside the elevators
The newer, more simple (no line on top) Sound Transit signs
South elevator up to the platform
Looking across to the north entrance
Trains stop above S 200 Street
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Last Updated: 8 June, 2018
The describtions of all artwork come from the "START on Link: Guide to Art Along the Central Link light rail line" brochure, Sound Transit, Obtained 2011
All photos are by Jeremiah Cox
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