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Plainfield is an intermediate stop on the Raritan Valley Line that received high-level platforms in the mid-2000s and became wheelchair accessible.These two side platforms are built over the former areas of the outside tracks so a third or fourth express track can never be restored to the station without taring down at least the Newark-bound high-level platform. Both of the new high level platforms are canopied in their midsections with small modern bus shelter inclosures with a bench beneath towards each end of the platforms. The platforms run between the underpasses of Park Avenue (slightly west of the station) and Watchung Avenue. They are also connected by a modern lit pedestrian underpass towards the middle of the station. Elevators connect up to each platform at each end of the underpass with intermediate landings to serve street level (there are also ramps).

The Raritan-bound platform has a modern central enclosed area area for waiting passengers towards its midsection, this has brown bricks in the same color as the historic station house. In the concrete above the brickwork in this modern waiting area Plainfield has been etched into the concrete. This central area has the main wide staircase off the platform that leads to North Avenue parallel to the station. There is also a ramp off the platform and two more staircases to this central area. The pavement in this central area is etched with a bronze map of New Jersey and another one of Plainfield by Gregg LeFevre. Another staircase leads down to the underpass along with an elevator only between the platform and the underpass. At each end of the platform are additional staircases to each of the streets that have underpasses (Park Avenue has a little sidewalk to reach it).

The canopy for the Newark-bound platform actually shorter than the one for the Raritan-bound platform. This is because the Newark-bound platform is in front of (built on what was one of the middle tracks) the historic station house built in 1900-1901 as a plaque inside says. This depot is a wide single story brick structure with expanding gabled roofs to provide shelter for waiting passengers. These roofs are held up by green wooden supports and extend in both directions from the center of the depot. Benches are still beneath this area although no one waits for trains here since the platform has been raised. Inside the depot is a ticket office open from 6:00am to 1:30pm Monday thru Friday, which are also the only times the depot is open. There are also some nice wooden benches inside. A staircase leads directly down to a door (locked when the station is closed) at one end of the underpass. A staircase out of the underpass leads outside in front of the depot. To reach the high level platform there is a ramp and central staircase beneath the canopied area and a line of six exposed staircases down to the canopy that is attached to the depot. There are also staircases at each end down to each of the Avenue underpasses. The depot is set back from East 4th Street the nearest parallel street by a small 66 space parking lot (there are a few more parking lots nearby) and Vest Pocket Park.
All Photos taken on 1 February, 2012

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Stepping off a Raritan-bound train
LED signs on the high level platform simply say Plainfield
BiLevel #7041 is the last car of a Raritan-bound train stopped in the station
BiLevel #7041 starts to leave the long modern high-level platform
The modern canopy in front of the historic depot
Plainfield is etched in the concrete
The stop has the historic font signs
The end of the canopy in view of the steeple of the historic station
The modern platform lacks a canopy the historic canopy and former platform has one
Grass is beyond the high-level platform
At the end of the platform
Sign for the station on a station underpass
Staircase up to the underpass
Signs for the platform or the accessible route
Walking up to the Newark-bound platform from an underpass
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Home<New York Area<New Jersey Transit<Raritan Valley Line<Plainfield
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