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Edison is a local stop on the Northeast Corridor that was known as Stelton until about 1955. The station is only served by New Jersey Transit Northeast Corridor Local trains about twice per hour in each direction. It is though the 11th busiest station and terminal on New Jersey transit. The station has two 8 car side platforms for the four track mainline line. These platforms each have simple metal fencing and modern tactile warning strips. There are wooden low-level platforms (for boarding the middle express tracks) at their southern (Trenton-bound) ends and they are only connected by the underpass of Plainfield Avenue at their northern end. This is where the only exit from the Trenton-bound platform is. It is between the mainline tracks and two freight tracks of an industrial lead (including to General tire). Here there is a modern elevator with red glass walls and a green roof, a staircase down to the south side of Plainfield Avenue, and an overpass slightly away from the tracks surrounded by green fencing with a staircase down to the northside of Plainfield Avenue. The only other amenity is a modern shelter with similar walls and benches inside. There are also two TVMs in a shelter at the end of the platform. The rest of this platform is exposed to the elements.

The New York-bound platform has the same two entrances and overpass from Plainfield Avenue. It leads to what seems like a totally a modern station house at the same level as the high level platform. The walls are made of stone and it has a high overhanging roof that provides shelter to waiting passengers and covers two more vending machines. There is a small waiting room inside that is totally unstaffed with no ticket window but includes a convenience store I believe is only open weekday mornings (it was closed when I visited at 1:30pm on a Monday). The waiting room is open 6am to 8pm Weekdays, 7am to 8pm Weekends. The waiting room has a few benches, restrooms and a stained glass windows along the roof line of a cupola and above the main windows out to the parking lot and platform above the entrance doors. These windows have visually connecting lines to show the route of the Northeast Corridor in New Jersey along with pictures of famous Edison residents and regular people. It is The Northeast Corridor, 1999 stained glass by J. Kenneth Leap.

Outside the station house it is slightly elevated from the surrounding parking lot and beyond. The porches have staircases and a ramp weave their way down to the 220 space parking lot (permit only until 10am) just beneath that stretches to Central Avenue parallel to the station between the Plainfield Underpass and Reed Street that dead ends at the platform (about a quarter way from its northern end). The walls of these staircases have more artwork, mosaics showing birds and trees. These are River View and Woods, Tile Mosaic by Katherine Hackl, 1999. Between the rest of this parking lot before Reed Street dead ends at the tracks there is a newer plaza beneath the platform that has tables with benches and other circular seating all decorated with mosaic tile. This is specifically Sunshine and Labyrinths, 2009 by Judith Wadia. The platform along this area has its only short canopy for about a car length (there isn't one by the station house, the eves of the building do the job).

Continuing beyond the dead end of Reed Street the platform continues along an alley and unimproved parking lot (made more of gravel) that is permit only and behind it are suburban houses. A residents only parking policy is in effect to keep commuters off the streets. There is also a simple slightly enclosed shelter (with a glass windscreen in the front) along the New York-bound platform and one more staircase down from it to the dead end of Porter Street (beyond the second parking lot) which has its own short staircase up to the parking lot and a final staircase up to the New York-bound platform towards its southern end.

On January 1, 2010 New Jersey Transit opened a new 477 space Parking lot that was funded by the Recovery Act. (This also renovated the original parking lot and installed the artful pedestrian plaza). This parking lot is quite far away from the station, across the industrial track from the Trenton-bound platform. To reach it, there is a staircase up to a pathway (passing a parking pay station) from Plainfield Avenue. This pathway leads about 600 feet to the first parking space in the triangular shaped lot. There is one driveway to the parking lot, a new road called Kilmer Court that leads to Kilmer Road.
All Photos: 22 October, 2012

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A train of MLVs leaves
A platform sign on the Trenton Platform
The wooden low-level platform area for boarding express trains during service disruptions
The gate to the No Trespassing Low-level platform area
An Edison platform sign and the extra track beyond it
An Acela Express Train approaches
Acela Express #2005 is the rear power car of a bypassing train
An Acela Express Train fades into the distance
The exposed Trenton-bound platform with a sign for the TVMs
Across from the station house along the New York-bound platform
A gated off staircase to a random door
The street elevator and staircase from the Trenton-bound platform
TVMs are at the entrance to the Trenton-bound platform
Across from the main station house
Pedestrian walkway to the other side of Plainfield Avenue
The elevator and staircase that provide the primary way (except for the footbridge) to reach the Trenton-bound platform
Trenton or Newark/New York? The underpass of Plainfield Avenue is the only connection between the platforms
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