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Tuckahoe is an early rebuilt, between 1989 and 1991 station on the Harlem Line. The station consists of two side platforms for the line with three tracks in this area. The station is located in a slight depression beneath street level with platforms that begin at Main Street and head south. The northbound platform has entirely concrete walls or a grassy hill along it. The Southbound platform has a small parking lot that is depressed from Main Street but has access from Lake Avenue parallel to the tracks.

The station has a historic 1901 station house located above the northbound platform along Oak Avenue. The depot been renovated and is now a Starbucks. It has tan brick walls, green trim and a Spanish tile roof. An enclosed pedestrian bridge in the same style extends from the depot to a former baggage elevator at the opposite end. This is now sealed shut with just a staircase down to the New York-bound platform.

The northbound platform has an elevator just south of the pedestrian bridge and station house. The New York-bound platform lacks an elevator with wheelchair customers required to take a ramp (that is not up to modern ADA standards) along the northern edge of the parking lot that winds its way around up to the Main Street overpass. All stair access to the northbound platform is from a staircase near the Main Street overpass, one off the pedestrian bridge and a final staircase from south of the Depot through some trees up to Oak Street. The New York-bound platform is accessed only from stairs and a ramp down to the parking lot below, just at its northern end. Each platform has a canopy held up by tan beams over the most northern 3 cars.
Photos: 25 July, 2015

Art For Transit at Tuckahoe

Arts For Transit at Tuckahoe

The Finders/ The Seekers, 1991
Perforated painted steel
By Arthur Gonzalez

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Sign for the station
Up to the overpass from the northbound platform lead to a sealed tower, clearly once home to a freight elevator
The Bee-Line Bus stop outside the depot now occupied by a Starbucks
The Starbucks Station house
There is an elevator to the northbound platform since it doesn't have any access directly from a street
Parking meters and the depot
View from the overpass Main Street at the northern end of the platform
The long ADA ramp to the New York platform. The tower of the Main overpass is sealed shut
Small parking area (short-term) near the depot above the platforms
Stairase to the northern end of the northbound platform
Two bridges: one for peds, one for Main Street over the station
Sign for the New York Track
Stairs or elevator off the northbound platform?
A second staircase up towards the southern end of the parking lot at Tuckahoe
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