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Seymour is another simple station on the Waterbury Branch. It is located in a small town whose downtown like many has definately scene better days. Like all in the intermediate stations the very old fashoned state of the station makes it seem like it should be a small-town America station on Amtrak and not a commuter rail station. The station is another concrete side platform, there is concrete box (about the size of a high level platfrom) just across the main line track and the siding track from the station platform. The only amenity on the platform is two wodden boxes to make getting up the stairs onto the train easier and a small brick bulding in the center of the platform that provides a small ciderblock (with no seating of any kind) waiting room for the station. The roof has a bit of an overhang that provides a bit of a canopy for the rest of the platform. Just south of the station is an extremely high pedestrian bridge over the tracks. Its quite high because the station is across from a hillside.
All Photos: 12 June, 2008, visited by car.

A view of the small little waiting house on the platform at Seymour.
A close up of non-platform side view of the waiting house on the platform at Seymour, a station sign along it and a window out of it are visible.
The very minimal Waterbury Shuttle scheduales in a display case along one wall of the small brick station house.
The only station sign that faces trains at Seymour is in a very sad state, also visible is a door to the outside world from the small brick waiting house and a wooden platform for boarding trains, and the Recycling center that even the Metro-North Stations in the worst conditions seem to have.
A close-up of another Seymour sign along the brick station house.
A interior shot of the cynderblock waiting room at Seymour with no amenities.
The strange concrete box just across the tracks at Seymour.
A view of downtown Seymour from the nearest street with station parking visible and the brick station house bairly visible.
Looking down the tracks just south of the station at Seymour with the station platform visible with its two wooden boxes.
Another view down the single track at Seymour from the overpass.
A streetside view of the small station waiting house at Seymour.
Home<New York Area<Metro-North<New Haven Line's Waterbury Branch<Seymour
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