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Naugatuck is a Waterbury Branch Station with a historic 1911 station house. This large single story building has two additional wings. The building is made of concrete walls with brickwork forms that resemble trim around the windows. A grand clock is above main platform entrance with a long canopy covering the former completely low platform waiting area. Sadly the station is no longer in Metro-North passenger use. Instead it has been restored by the Naugatuck Historical Society, a small Connecticut Department of Transportation/Metro-North Railroad sign hangs from the eves of the station house but passengers no longer board trains outside of it. Instead trains stop at a newish, probably 1980s or 1990s, tiny low-level platform that is maybe thirty feet long and is about 150 feet north of the historic station house in the fairly large parking lot with 150 spaces. It is a concrete pad framed by railroad ties. Access to the platform, with a tactile warning strip, is from a short ramp along its backside and three steps up a staircase. Amenities on the platform are a double-length, black with a white domes bus shelter (and a built in bench), and a modern sign (of the white text variety) above a normal blue trash and recycling center. Black fencing keeps people up on the platform. The station has a single entrance at the end of Cedar Street where it intersects Water Street (parallel to the station platform).
All Photos: 2 August, 2015

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A decent number of passengers get off a just arrived Waterbury-bound train
A single door opens for Naugatuck
Brookfield BL20GH #130 is the power of today's shuttle train
Shoreliner II Cab Car #6213 brings up the rear of a 3 car Waterbury-bound Shuttle Train and it leaves for the final jaunt to Waterbury
A three car Waterbury Shuttle train continues being pulled north
A bike rack on one side of the tiny platform
The ramp up to the double-wide bus shelter platform
A Naugatuck Station sign above the recycling center
The north wall of the restored station house
Looking down the former, longer platform now covered in weeds to the more recent and short low-level platform pad
The station FL-9 #2026 pushes a Waterbury Shuttle train north out of Derby/Shelton, exhaust billowing, passengers wait on the platform for connecting bus service.
The sign for the Railroad Station and Historical Society Museum
The depot and entrance sign
A full front view of the station American Flag in front
The main streetside entrance tot he station
ADA parking spaces outside the museum
The decrepit parking lot hasn't been repaved in awhile
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Home<New York Area<Metro-North<New Haven Line's Waterbury Branch<Naugatuck
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