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Fleetwood is a Harlem Line Station located within a neighborhood of northern Mount Vernon, at the Cross County Parkway and Bronx River Parkway interchange. The Bronx River Parkway follows the railroad line through some trees just west of the station. The station has two 12 car long platforms for the three-track line that were rebuilt between 1989 and 1991. An island platform is between the western two tracks (4 and 2), normally used by Grand Central-bound trains. The normal White Plains-bound track 1 has a single side platform. The platforms are significantly offset from each other; the northbound side platform runs much farther north, going under the 3 bridges that hold up the Cross-County Parkway, plus an on-ramp. This platform is along MacQuesten Parkway, followed by a privately operated parking lot as the platform heads north with a number of staircases and ramps down to it.

The island platform has a single entrance via an elevator in a shaft covered in brown concrete at the extreme northern end of this platform followed by a staircase. These lead up to a small pedestrian bridge. Inside this fully enclosed overpass, with glass walls and doors, is the former ticket office (clad in the same brown concrete as the elevator shaft) closed on January 13, 2010. A second concrete elevator shaft and staircase lead down to the side platform. At each end of the small overpass are about ten steps up to the road overpass of Broad Street (that also crosses over MacQuesten Parkway and the Bronx River Parkway). The island platform is covered by a narrow canopy structure held up by brownish red support beams. Along a portion of it is an enclosed waiting area with a second exposed silver waiting area beyond the end of the canopy. The White Plains-bound platform has a similar but much shorter canopy structure just beyond the elevator and staircase up to the pedestrian bridge.
Photos: 13 January, 2012

Art For Transit at Riverdale

Arts For Transit at Fleetwood

The Finders / The Seekers, 1991
Paintated Bronz
By Arthur Gonzalez

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A street directional sign for the station
Sign for ADA access to go down from the overpass bridge on local streets to Macquesten Parkway below
An entrance to the station from the Broad Street viaduct
The sidewalk along the chain-linked fence of Broad Street's viaduct
Elevator or stairs to the Northbound platform
Two closed windows in the overpass, this was once a ticket office
The full glass walls of the overpass
The one staircase to the New York-bound island platform
Starting from the staircase down the New York-bound platform
The station overpass followed by bridges of other roads
A Fleetwood sign and parking lot beyond
The elevator at the end of the northbound platform
Inside the on platform enclosure
The canopies are offset from each other
Looking down (into the setting Winter sun) of the New York-bound platform
A second waiting shed is beyond the end of the platform canopies
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