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Derby/Shelton the first stop on the Waterbury Branch after trains leave New Haven. The station is located is a secluded corner just below a large interchange with CT Route 8, which is an expressway. The station itself is also low level like all the intermediate Waterbury Branch Stations (excluding Waterbury itself). The station's single side platform on the single tracked like hasn't been touched by Metro-North. It's a low level concrete platform with a painted yellow line along the platform's edge. The station house is still in tacked although it no longer serves a railway use. The large brick station house with bricks and lots of brown colored gabled now has a Department of Motor Vehicles Photo License Center and some other establishments. The platform is almost fully canopied by a wooden shingled canopy that is an extension of the station house roof. The only waiting element for passengers is a glorified bus shelter on one end of the platform. There are no TVMs like the rest of the stations on the Waterbury Branch.
All Photos: 12 June, 2008, visited by car.

Passengers mingle on the platform at Derby/Shelton waiting for a train, sitting along the wooden step that provides a way to overcome the much larger step between the bottom of the train doors and the platform. The glorified bus shelter enclosed waiting area is visible
Another view of Derby/Shelton from a bit farther back in the parking lot.
A very small format station sign on the bus shelter waiting area at Derby/Shelton.
A Derby/Shelton Station sign hanging from the top of the canopy ceiling.
Looking down the platform at Derby/Shelton at the center of the station house building.
The southern end of the platform at Derby/Shelton without the bus shelter also has a small station sign on the end of the Canopy.
CDOT Shoreliner III Cab-Car #6222 rounds the curve approaching Derby/Shelton leading a Waterbury/bound train.
CDOT Shoreliner III Cab-Car #6222 continues to round the curve approaching Derby/Shelton, the old CDOT FL-9 Locomotive pushing the train is becoming more visible.
CDOT Shoreliner III Cab-Car #6222 continue to round the curve just south of Derby/Shelton approaching the station.
CDOT Shoreliner III Cab-Car #6222 runs straight towards Derby/Shelton.
CDOT Shoreliner III Cab-Car #6222 enters Derby/Shelton, passing under all of the overpasses from Route 8.
FL-9 #2026 and a Waterbury Shuttle train of entirely CDOT owned equipment of Shoreliners makes its stop at Derby/Shelton bound for Waterbury.
A close up of FL-9 #2026 stopped at Derby/Shelton in the New Haven Line livery CDOT paints all of the locomotives it owns.
FL-9 #2026 pushes a Waterbury Shuttle train north out of Derby/Shelton, exhaust billowing, passengers wait on the platform for connecting bus service.
A close up of FL-9 #2026 leaving Derby/Shelton with its three Shoreliner Coaches.
FL-9 #2026 has left Derby/Shelton running North.
Home<New York Area<Metro-North<New Haven Line's Waterbury Branch<Derby-Shelton
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