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Hewlett has both the oldest, built in 1870 and one of the newest opened in 2009 depots on the Long Island Railroad (according to this Wikipedia photo). Only the newest is still open for passenger use, and had a ticket office open weekdays for one shift until August 2009 (TrainTalk Archive). The historic depot is painted red with a small gabled roof and is across Franklin Avenue just north of today's station platforms. It is along the New York-bound track that still has an unfenced low-level platform that extends with parking up against it along Hewlett Plaza to the next grade crossing at Broadway. There is a new bike rack and also still has a post World War II clock advertisement. The clock still works, displaying the current time, and the ad is relatively for the 'Bad Girls Club,' still on the air, but for judging from the air date, was installed for season 2 in 2008.

The two modern platforms extend from Franklin Avenue's grade crossing south and are of the pre-M1s 1970s verity. Each has just a painted yellow line. The New York-bound platform is along Railroad Avenue, with a few staircases and a ramp (for ADA compliancy) up to the platform with two silver shelters for the only protection from the elements. One has a TVM inside it. Railroad Avenue is home to a few low-rise commercial buildings and then a yellow school bus depot for Independent Coach Corp. It dead ends where the platform ends at fence and Trinity Cemetery. The Far Rockaway-bound platform has one silver shelter and a few staircases and a ramp up from the large parking lot it is along. The new depot building is inside this parking lot along Franklin Avenue with an access road to lot between it and the platform. Inside the depot (open Monday-Friday from 6am to 2pm) are a few modern wooden MTA benches, the sealed ticket window and restrooms. There is wood paneling trying to evoke a historical look. The outside has a metal gabled roof and metal walls like many modular homes.
All photos taken on 3 January, 2011
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The grade crossing for Broadway and the northern end of the original low-level platform
The unused for over 40 years low-level platform and houses beyond
A train of M7s bound for Flatbush Avenue stop at the station and the high level platform across the street. The grade crossing has already come down
M7 #7126 approaches leading a train bound for Far Rockaway
M7 #7126 keeps passing the unused for 40 years low-level platforms, there used to be a second middle platform so these trains can platform. These second platforms with an electrified third rail seem a little dangerous
M7 #7469 crosses Franklin Avenue to leave and pass the historic depot, another train is entering
M7 #7469 passes the historic depot
A train passes the now closed historic depot and platform
M7 #7264 and a New York-bound train leave passing the former low-level platform
M7 #7264 leaves to go off into the distance
The original 1870 depot
Looking across Broadway at a Far Rockaway-bound train of M7s leaving
The now unused low-level platform in front of the now unused depot
Fenced over windows and a sign on the historic depot
The unused low-level platform has a bike rack and extends north from the depot
A streetside view of the historic depot
The high level platforms across Franklin Avenue from the historic depot
The staircase from the New York-bound platform to the other half of Muller Place
The end of the Far Rockaway-bound platform
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Home<New York Area<Long Island Rail Road<Far Rockaway Branch<Hewlett
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