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Gibson is the first stop on the grade level Far Rockaway branch after it leaves the viaduct of the Montauk and Atlantic Branches behind. The station opened only in 1929 to serve a nearby early suburb developed by the Gibson Corporation that also built the station to provide train service to it (Five Towns Local History, Link). The station platforms begin and extend south from the grade crossing with Dubois Avenue (the first grade crossing on the branch). The platforms have the first generation high-level platform design from the early 1970s with round lampposts and metal fencing from when the M1s were introduced. The platforms just have yellow lines at their edges. The main platform entrances are via a few staircases and a ramp up to each near the grade crossing where there are small parking lots on each side of the tracks. Additionally at the southern end of the station is a footbridge connecting the two platforms with wooden staircases down to Muller Place, a tiny street of just two dead ends between Gibson Blvd and Cochran Place, the streets along each side of the railway line. Along the Manhattan-bound platform, in the small parking lot, just set back from the high-level platform is the depot built in 1929. This large two-story brick depot has a very high, singled gabled roof (the second story windows are set inside the roof) that still hosts a small waiting room with a few benches who's hours are unknown (the MTA's website claims its only open Weekdays from 5:00am to 11:00am). There is also a sealed closed ticket window that closed in April 1996 (Carole Paquette, 'L.I.R.R. Moving to Drop 32 More Ticket Windows' The New York Times, Jaunary 14, 1996, Link) and restrooms. Plaques inside commemorate Carrie L. Heinecke (1905-1970), the long time station agent at the Gibson, Valley Stream, NY station (dedicated 1970) and William R. Gibson, dedicated Sep. 1965. The station's two TVM is located in an area outside of the depot beneath an extension of the gabled roof. The only other form of cover for waiting passengers are a few silver shelters with plexiglass windscreens.

All photos taken on 3 January, 2011

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Approaching the station from the north
The first grade crossing on the Far Rockaway Branch is at the northern end of the platforms
NICE Bus Route N1
The depot behind the New York-bound HiLevel platform
This pedestrian bridge between the platforms is at its southern end
The wooden staircase up to the Far Rockaway-bound platform from Muller Place
A southern view from the overpass
A staircase and northern view
Looking down the station and into backyards
The pedestrian overpass with wooden beams holding up a metal bridge
The staircase from the New York-bound platform to the other half of Muller Place
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Home<New York Area<Long Island Rail Road<Far Rockaway Branch<Gibson
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