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East Hampton is located just east of the main downtown of this summer resort community, home to the rich and famous. The main beach is two miles south of the station (and completely free to access as long as you arrive without a car). The station is at Mile 100.9 on the railroad and is that distance away from Long Island City. The stop consists of a 6 car high-level platform between the grade-crossings of Race Lane and Newtown Lane. This platform has black railings and entrances from parallel Railroad Avenue at each end of the platform, and two more staircases about a car from the end of the platform. Greenery divides the platform and Railroad Avenue.

In the middle of the platform at the same exact level as the high-level platform and parallel Railroad Avenue is the historic 1895 station house. It is a white-brick building with slightly pealing paint and porches that extend away from the station held up by circular wooden beams set back from the platform. These porches provide the only shelter for waiting passengers and also cover the station's two TVMs along the western porch. Some of the windows of the depot are boarded up included one that has Post No Selfie stenciled on it. Inside the station house is a small waiting area painted grey, including built in wooden benches along the walls. There is also a restroom and seasonal ticket office open only on Sundays in Summer. The waiting room is open all day unstaffed from 5:00am to 10:00pm. Designated parking for the station is extremely minimal since the station is the one Hamptons stop in the center of town.
All Photos: 16 August, 2015

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Across from the eastern end of the platform
The sidewalk is offset from the road, it has an unprotected crossing
A small entrance sign at one end of the platform
Greenery between the street and the platform
Entrance to the eastern end of the platform
Approaching one corner of the station house
In front of the station house, a portion is boarded up with Post No Selfie Stenciled on one
Streetside of the depot crowded with cars has people approach the station from Summer Sunday trains back to the big city
Looking across Railroad Avenue at the station
Another depot view
A bus and the depot
A bus stopped on a layover across from the western entrance to the platform
Two buses and the depot behind them
A bus with a Special Sign and a small sign in front of the platform
Looking down the crowded platform from the Race Lane Grade Crossing
The short staircase with black railings up to the eastern end of the platform
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Home<New York Area<Long Island Railroad<Montauk Line<East Hampton
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