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Bridgehampton is a simple LIRR Station with a single high-level platform that can accommodate 6 cars to the south of the main track. Just east of the platform to the south of the main track is the BH siding. It has manually controlled switches at each end and is used occasionally for LIRR trains (such as a Summer Sunday seasonal extra train that originates at the station). The 6 car platform is extremely simple with just a tiny shelter structure with a green and cream windscreen surrounding the stations only bench just south of the middle of the platform. There are no porches extending from this shelter as at other simple stations built during the final round of high-platforms in about 1998. The stop received a TVM directly inside the shelter in August 2013.

The platform has only three forms of entry down to the 100 space parking lot that runs the length of the platform (with one single aisle of parking on each side) between parallel Maple Lane. Plantings separate the platform from the parking lot. Two bike lockers on a concrete pad have been built over a few of the parking spaces. Towards the western end of the platform a ramp, starting just beyond the canopy and staircase lead down to a small plaza area that I have a feeling was where the original (shorter?) low-level platform was. There are a few benches and a square wooden information panel with Bridgehampton written on gold above (it is identical to the one found in front of the old low-level platform area at Speonk).
All Photos: 16 August, 2015

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Looking down the platform an 8 car train stops in the station with only the first 6 cars opening, it is a Summer Sunday Special
The doors close on the C3s of a long Summer Sunday special Jamaica-bound extra train
DM30AC #505 is the rear locomotive of a long and crowded Jamaica-bound Summer Sunday extra train
DM30AC #505 continues pushing a long Jamaica-bound train out of the station
DM30AC #505 fades into the distance
The BH Siding just east of the platform a train layovers on it, it has deadheaded from somewhere (probably Speonk) and will enter service in an hour as a Summer Sunday Special to Jamaica
A sign facing the platform
Inside the waiting area with a recently installed TVM and a bench
At the parking lot level, at the main entrance ramp next to the ADA parking spaces
The Wooden Bridgehampton information pillar in the plaza west of the platform
The small plaza west of the parking lot and platform
The parking lot (is arrowed as one way)
Two bike boxes take up two and a half parking spaces
The back of the platform shelter with same decent greenery between it and the platform
The relatively empty parking lot
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