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Wall Street is one of the early IRT subway stations along the first subway line to Brooklyn and is located just beneath the street and has two side platforms for each track along the two track subway lines. The platform walls are decorated with beautiful terracotta detailwork mostly in green, some of the orignial decorate ceiling work also remains especially in the underpass. The wall street mosaic name tablets are white text on blue with a green boarder. The main relief above the platform in the trim line is of the wall of New Amsterdam, how the street got its name. Pink marble accents the bottom of the platform walls with white tile between it and the trim lines. In the portions of the station that were extended for ten car trains the tiling is similar except no 3D-detailwork just flat mosaics. The platforms are offset with the uptown platform extending a bit farther south. There is one main underpass in the station towards its southern end, although the Equitable building passageway open Monday-Friday only that also leads to the Broad Street J/Z station (outside fare control transfer) and Chaise Manhattan building eventually can also be used as a free crossunder when it is open. From a 1970s renovation until 2006 all of the original wall details (except for the trim line and name tablets) were tiled over with thick blue tiles until these were removed.

On the downtown platform the first entrance (coming from the souther entrance described below) is located in a small shopping arcade with a small sign for the subway station, along Broadway near the SW corner of Broadway and Rector Street. The fare control area at the bottom of this staircase is a wide unmanned bank of turnstiles and one of the lowest fences between the paid an free areas anywhere in the subway system. Just south of this entrance is the underpass to the downtown platform. Outside of fare control the low fence continues to the main uptown platform entrance that was restored to be historic. There is a vintage wooden change booth that was selling MetroCards until the staffing reductions in 2010, a ticket chopper is next to the modern MetroCard turnstiles. Two street stairs from here lead out in front of Trinity Church and are both black and have unique ironwork. At the northern end of this little area outside of fare control are two more High Turnstiles. There is another vintage street stair in front of Trinity Church that leads to its own tiny fare control area with a couple of High Turnstiles. At the northern end of the downtown platform is a part time entrance open Monday-Friday 6:00am-7:30pm, with two High Trunstiles leading up to a small shopping arcade with a Subway Sandwich Shop and the Suspender Restaurant, its an unmarked from the street subway entrance, you need to be in the know to use it. At the northern end of the downtown platform within fare control just before this exit is a staircase, that leads down to a small underpass beneath the tracks that comes up to a landing meeting a long passageway from the extreme northern end of the uptown platform (this platform is offset to the south from the downtown one). These passageways join together and soon reach two High Turnstiles and a couple of MVMs, the passageway continuing outside of fare control reaches revolving doors into the Equitable Building (mosiac signs direct passengers to it as well within the station). The passageway from this building to escalators up to the spectacularly restored lobby appear to be open to public (there are a couple of shops). I was though yelled at by security for taking pictures within the builing. The passageway from the building continues before going down another staircase and reaching a wider passageway leading north from the Broad Street (J/Z) subway Station to also the Chase Building.

The main entrance from the uptown platform is less complicated. It has the full time token booth along the platform with turnstiles out to some street stairs on the eastside of Broadway.

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(walln41) Wall written in white on a column between the tracks
11 November, 2004
(walln42) An ornamental street stair in front of Trinity Church
2 January, 2004
(walln43) An original W relief above the renovations simple blue walls
13 April, 2004
(walln44) A closed exit at the southern end of the uptown platform
13 April, 2004
(walln45) A downtown 5 train stops at Wall Street, its penultimate stop before terminating at Bowling Green on a weekday run
13 April, 2004
(walln46) A Brooklyn-bound R142 4 train enters Wall Street
13 April, 2004
(walln47) Approaching the southern end of the Downtown & Brooklyn platform, the passageway to the Equitable building
(walln48) A Wall Street mosaic name tablet
(walln49) Looking down the downtown platform
(walln410) A small mosaic sign for the Equitable Building
(walln411) The passageway to the equitable building at the northern end of the downtown platform
(walln412) The platforms are offset looking from the downtown platform to the uptown platform
(walln413) The long passageway that leads to the Equitable building
(walln414) Looking back to the uptown platform from the Equitable Building passageway
(walln415) The staircase up from the downtown platform inside the Equitable Building's basement, there what look like golden painted over windows
(walln416) The staircase for underpass to the downtown platform from the Equitable Buildings small fare control area
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