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Grand Street is a unique subway station that is the ninth newest subway station, the one intermediate station opened on November 26, 1967 as part of the Crystie street connection. The stop unlike its closest counterpart, the 57 Street/6 Avenue terminal, was not designed to handle crowds like that station (it has lots of exits and a full length mezzanine) even though its location, now in an extremely bustling portion of Chinatown means it is the 43 most busy subway station in the system (57 Street is 96th with about half the ridership). The station also has had to contend with shuttle service on and off during the three times the north side of the Manhattan Bridge had to be closed, from 2001-2004, in 1995, and 1986-1988 making passengers contend with the Grand Street Shuttle up to Broadway-Lafayette or West 4 Street.

The stop has two narrow island platforms with column-less walls except where the small mezzanine is and a blue 1960s trimline with Grand St written in white at regular intervals, the only indication of the stations name. There is a single exit on a small mezzanine accessed by two staircases up from the middle of each platform. This mezzanine has a newsstand and fully staffed bank of turnstiles and streetstairs out to one at the NW corner of Grand and Crystie Streets, and two near the NE corner along Sara D. Roosevelt Park.

Art For Transit at Grand Street Grand Street Creative Station
Trains of Thought
Abstract Red sculptures of subway cars on the platform walls
By Andrea Gardner and Sally Heller
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Looking down one of the narrow platforms
14 October, 2005
The extreme end of one of the platforms and emergency exit sign (these appear at the end of every platform) another sign says the nearest one is out of service
14 October, 2005
A train stops at Grand Street
30 July, 2009
This text in the simple blue trimline of the platform walls is the only way to know the stops name from the platforms
30 July, 2009
Looking across to the opposite simple platform at Grand St
30 July, 2009
Approaching the two staircases to the station exit, the platform gets slightly wider and blue columns begin
30 July, 2009
A close-up of a column sign
30 July, 2009
The service sign for the Brooklyn via Manhattan Bridge platform what do you want your next stop to be?
30 July, 2009
Looking across the staircases to the stations only exit, the two down to the upotwn platform are visible
30 July, 2009
Going up one of the staircases the fare control area fence is above and some of the artwork
30 July, 2009
The small mezzanine area before the platforms
30 July, 2009
Lots of passengers walking through the mezzanine
30 July, 2009
The token booth and crowded area of people entering the system
30 July, 2009
The Entry B,D sign above the turnstiles
30 July, 2009
One of three streetstairs
30 July, 2009
The two other streetstairs
30 July, 2009
A flat car of a work train passes through Grand Street
19 December, 2012
R161 ex-R33 RD416 is one car of a work train passing through Grand Street
19 December, 2012
R161 ex-R33 RD416, now painted yellow with its former redbird windows passes through
19 December, 2012
R-43 Locomotive #62 brings up the rear pushing a train through
19 December, 2012
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