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Euclid Avenue is the terminus of the local tracks of the IND Fulton Street Line (currently under Pitkin Avenue), and has four tracks with two island platforms. Express A trains (unless running local) stop on the middle tracks and local C trains on the side tracks. C trains drop there passengers off on the Queens-bound side track before relaying beyond the station to re-enter service on the Manhattan-bound side track. The area beyond the station also has yard leads to the Pitkin Yard. During late nights A local train service runs only to and from Far Rockaway, service to Lefferts Blvd is provided by a 4 car OPTO operated Yellow S Shuttle train. During late nights A local trains stop on the side tracks and Lefferts Blvd Shuttle trains terminate and originate on the express tracks relaying beyond the station (at the opposite side of the station from C trains).

The station is on the end of the Fulton Street Line that had tunneling completed before World War II (with stations as shells), but wasn't finished (with tracks and stations added) until after the war due to war time rations on construction materials, finally opening on November 28, 1948. In the eight short years since the completion of the IND Sixth Avenue Line (in 1940) the design for a subway station has changed and been modernized quite a bit. Euclid Avenue (along with the three local stations on the line that opened at the same time) have a bit of an unusual design for the tiling (the other Post World War II and 1950s and 1960s stations are similar-Grand Street, Grant Avenue, and 57 St/6 Ave). The tiles are more of a quite off white cream color instead of the standard white, they are also bigger. The station does have a trim like the standard IND Station with a dark purple boarder and a light purple center. There is Euclid tiling along the platform walls except it is simply directly written on the tiles on the walls, not in a separate white text with a black background format. All the pillars also are tiled, with the same purple trim on top, except the trim is expanded on two sides of them and Euclid is tiled. All in all the design of the Euclid Avenue station is a good example of the changes in American design between pre (most IND stations) and post World War II.

The station itself has one fare control area with staircases up to all four sides of Euclid Avenue. TInside of fare control there isn't one of the standard (for an express station) IND full-length mezzanines, instead there is a mezzanine of adequate size (with three staircases to each island platform) but nothing oversized like most IND stations. The platform seems a bit narrower compared to other IND Express Stations. Recently, in 2005 the station had a bit of a renovation with three elevators (one up to street level and one down to each of the platforms) added as well as some of the platform staircases modernized. The platform elevator shaft doors are all painted purple to go with the station's color scheme. Luckily the station's tiling went untouched, it's in extremely good repair.

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The new elevator shaft at street level down to the mezzanine at Euclid Avenue.
29 December, 2008
Looking down a street level staircase down to the Euclid Avenue station.
29 December, 2008
The narrow passageway down from a street level staircase to the mezzanine area at Euclid Avenue.
29 December, 2008
The small area outside of fare control at Euclid Avenue with the token booth and bank of turnstiles.
29 December, 2008
The signs for the elevators to the Manhattan-bound platform in the small mezzanine area at Euclid Avenue.
29 December, 2008
The elevator to the Queens-bound platform at Euclid Avenue. The elevator shafts metal is painted an unusual purple color to go with the stations color scheme
29 December, 2008
The back of a R40M C train stopped at Euclid Avenue, boarding passengers for its slow local run to 168 Street.
29 December, 2008
The purple trim with the Euclid text underneath it (not on there own white text on black tiles) but painted on the tiled walls directly at Euclid Avenue.
29 December, 2008
Looking down the narrow Manhattan-bound platform at Euclid Avenue, with a R40M C train stopped in the station. An old wooden bench is still on the platform.
29 December, 2008
Looking down the slightly curving station platforms at Euclid Avenue, down the Express platform.
29 December, 2008
An old (and probably original) White text on black Euclid Avenue sign at Euclid Avenue.
29 December, 2008
Looking across to the times of service sign on the Queens-bound local track at Euclid Avenue. The A trains standard hours of service are listed, although it stops at that track only during late nights.
29 December, 2008
The C trains hours of service on the Manhattan-bound local track at Euclid Avenue.
29 December, 2008
The elevator shaft landing in the middle of the Manhattan-bound platform at Euclid Avenue. The platform is quite narrow so there are signs saying Restricted Clearance Area No Standing on either side of the elevator shaft.
29 December, 2008
A new staircase (of the see through metal variety) along the island platform at Euclid Avenue.
29 December, 2008
Another view towards the front of Manhattan-bound platform at Euclid Avenue. The station name text on the columns are also visible.
29 December, 2008
The columns at Euclid Avenue have mosaic trim that expands on two sides of the columns saying Euclid directly on the columns.
29 December, 2008
Some modern Euclid Avenue column signs attached to columns that on other side have Euclid directly written on the tiles.
29 December, 2008
Looking across the express tracks to the Queens-bound platform at Euclid Avenue, Euclid text faces the tracks on every column.
29 December, 2008
Looking out of the R1-9s at Euclid Avenue making a special revenue service run as one of the first trains to arrive from the Rockways post-Superstorm Sandy
30 May, 2013
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