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5 Avenue/53 Street is a deep level subway station with the two platforms, one for each track in each direction stacked on top of each other with the downtown platform above the uptown one. The downtown platform is one of the more elegant looking subway platforms and feels like one (along with the escalators down to it) that could be found in London, it has an arched ceiling covered in a metallic finish and no columns except to provide access to the stations two exits at either end. It is one of the best places (plus the stops on the Archer Avenue extension) to photograph E (and formerly V) trains underground nesters for their entire routes. The walls (along with those of the uptown platform beneath) have an orange colored trimline with 5 Avenue/53 Street written directly along it. Beneath it are exhibition panels with pictures and information about the various museums in the station's area (it is the stop for MoMA). The uptown platform beneath just has advertising panels. Along the walls are little 5 Av/53 St written in white along the black untitled platform walls. The lower level platform beneath has no arched ceiling with a platform feeling much more clostrophobic and a line of maroon columns whose sings alternate between 5 Av and 53 Street.

To access these platforms a staircase leads up from the uptown lower level platform to the downtown upper level at either end and these in turn (after a newsstand on the 5 Avenue end of the upper level) lead to a shaft consisting of two escalators with a narrow staircase in between to small mezzanine level fare control areas beneath 5 Avenue (full time) and the part time and Madison Avenue (open only Monday-Friday 6:00am-9pm, Saturday 1:45pm to 9pm) where passengers must double-back and walk around eitherside of the escalator landing to reach the turnstilea. To reach the street: At the 5 Avenue end, glass doors lead to a small shopping arcade and a staircase up to 53 Street just west of the named intersection, directly across the street from MoMA. Narrow underpass type passageways with some underground steps lead beneath 5 Avenue to street stairs on 53 Street just beyond the NE and SE corners. The Madison Avenue end's landing has booth the unstaffed bank of regular turnstiles and a High Entrance/Exit Turnstile for easier access to some of the passageways that lead to shopping arcade entrance (with a subway restaurant) along 53 Street inside the building on the SE corner of Madison and 53 Street and another entrance also with a few shops just across the street from it in the building on the NE corner.

Art For Transit at 5 Avenue Art For Transit at 5 Avenue Arts For Transit at Fifth Avenue/53 Street:
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The shopping arcade at the 5 Avenue end of the station
The turnstiles from the 5 Avenue end
18 August, 2008
About to go down the stairs today because one of the escalators are out of order and going up gets priority for the open one
18 August, 2008
The escalators aren't the longest but long enough to have little square panels for ads along the walls. The London Tube typically has these as well
18 August, 2008
Letting on the trim line at Fifth Avenue/53 Street unique to this stop
18 August, 2008
Looking down the upper level Downtown platform with the information panels about the surrounding museums
18 August, 2008
Little 5 Av/53 St signs on the track walls
18 August, 2008
An unusual R42 E train stops
21 December, 2008
R4 #401, and a Holiday Shoppers Nostalgia Train running in regular service stops
28 December, 2008
R4 #401 about to continue its trip out to Queens Plaza
28 December, 2008
5 Av on a column sign
28 December, 2008
Looking down the much simpler lower level uptown platform
28 December, 2008
A staircase up to the upper level platform at the Madison Avenue end
28 December, 2008
A gate closes off the escalators up to Madison Avenue since it is closed on Sundays. These types of part-time of entrances, common ten years ago are now increasing rare due to automation and turnstiles not needing to be staffed.
28 December, 2008
An empty upper level platform since it is a Sunday
28 December, 2008
Staircase for the Lexington Avenue & Queens platform
28 December, 2008
R42 #4573 and a downtown train stops at 5 Ave/53 St
28 December, 2008
R160 #8333 and an E train stop
22 June, 2009
At the Madison Avenue end of the stations unusual signs for the 5 Avenue exit
22 June, 2009
A R32 V train stops
22 June, 2009
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