82 Street-Jackson Heights/IRT Flushing Line
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82 Street-Jackson Heights is a 7 local station located above Roosevelt Avenue in this shopping district. The stop has the standard design of two side platforms that are canopied and windscreened in their midsections, where the 2 staircases are down from each platform to the station house beneath the tracks, but are left to be exposed to the elements at their ends. The stop has a few unqiue features with large metal 82s on the windscreens between the station house staircases and some colorful panels with odd angular designs on the walls of the station house. The station house has the fare control split design with each staircase leading down to its own turnstile bank, but still connected to each other providing a cross-under still. There is a central area in the station house outside of fare control where the token booth and MVMs are. 3 streetstairs lead out to the NW, NE, and SW corners of 82 Street and Roosevelt Avenue

A platform sign at 82 St-Jackson Heights
7 September, 2005
R62A #1656 leaves 82 St-Jackson Heights
7 September, 2005
A R62A 7 train enters
7 September, 2005
A R62A 7 train has bypassed
7 September, 2005
R62A #1739 stops at 82 St-Jackson Heights with little logos for the US Open on the sides of the car
7 September, 2005
A 82 St-Jackson Heights platform sign above little leaning benches
19 June, 2011
An end of the canopy structure
19 June, 2011
Walking down the platform
19 June, 2011
Large metal 82s are on each platform between the two staircases
19 June, 2011
About to exit the system from the separate banks of turnstiles in the same station house
19 June, 2011
The waiting area in the crossunder area between banks of turnstiles
19 June, 2011
The two staircases to the northside of Rooselevelt Avenue beneath a decoratively designed panel in theme with the station
19 June, 2011
Two of the three station street stairs
19 June, 2011
Looking out the window of the Museum Train running in regular service for the MLB All Star Game stopped at 82 Street-Jackson Heights with ads for the World's Fair
16 July, 2013
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