61 Street-Woodside/IRT Flushing Line
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Down to the LIRR platform
61 Street-Woodside is the first express station with two island platforms for the three-track line (express trains open their doors just for which direction there running in, during frequent GOs that requires all trains to run express in a particular direction express trains will often open their doors to the opposite platform so double-backing passengers can without having to use the mezzanine). It is a high, elevated station located above the LIRR platforms for which both share a station house/mezzanine area nestled between them, street level is four stories below beneath the LIRR platforms. Trains go a noticeably bit uphill to reach the station. Both island platforms are simple and were renovated in the past ten years, each has a canopy over their mid-sections and two staircases and an elevator down from each platform to the communal mezzanine/station house (covered on its own page).
(61_woodside1) A 7 local train stops at 61 St-Woodside, there are large and unique lampposts at a platform end
28 May, 2010
(61_woodside2) Another view of the exposed end of the platform
28 May, 2010
(61_woodside3) A R62A 7 train leaves Woodside
28 May, 2010
(61_woodside4) Exposed platform ends
28 May, 2010
(61_woodside5) Looking down the middle track that platforms on both sides
28 May, 2010
(61_woodside6) The three means of egress from both platforms, two staircases and an elevator
28 May, 2010
(61_woodside7) The top of the elevator rises the canopy up a bit for its ventilation system
28 May, 2010
(61_woodside8) Approaching the end of the canopies
19 June, 2011
(61_woodside9) Another odd elevator shaft whose roof sticks up through the canopy
19 June, 2011
(61_woodside10) Looking out at Woodside in the snow
7 December, 2003
(61_woodside11) Looking down the tracks from 61 St-Woodside down towards 69 Street-Fisk Avenue, these switches have since been removed and rebuilt one stop down between 69 St and 74 St-Broadway
15 June, 2005
(61_woodside12) A R62A 7 train approaches Woodside
15 June, 2005
(61_woodside13) A Express tries to overtake a local approaching Woodside
18 March, 2005
(61_woodside14) The WF car (9306) at 61 Street-Woodside (7) running in Revenue Service as part of the centennial celebration
18 June, 2004
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