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33 Street-Rawson St is located on the concrete elevated viaduct above the median of Queens Blvd with just parking beneath. The stop got some notoriety from June 2002 to September 2004 because it was home to the temporary Moma QNS gallery, while the main museum on 53 Street was going under renovation. Today the building is still there used by the museum for permanent storage. The sides of the elevated are decked out in concrete and decorative green and yellow tiles. The station is a local stop with two side platforms for the three track lined with concrete walls with little semi-translucent blocks letting more natural light in and a roof that is cantilevered from the sides of the elevated structure with no intermediate columns. The very northern/eastern end of the station has just low concrete fence. For exits the station has two: The first one has a full time booth and is located towards the south/west end of the station two staircases lead down from each platform to their own separate banks of turnstiles between them (so no free crossunder) where there is a token booth and staircases down to all of four corners of what is now a pedestrian plaza in the middle of Queens Blvd since through traffic cannot stay and drive straight through on 33 Street. There is a secondary unstaffed exit at the other end of the station where two staircases lead down from each platform to a some high turnstiles in a station house beneath the tracks designed with the fence running around to one side so a free crossunder is provided and leading to street stairs on the NW and SW corners of the median of Queens Blvd (used as a municipal parking area) and 34 Street.

Art For Transit at 33 Street

Arts For Transit at 33 Street-Rawson Street

Q is for Queens, 1999,
Faceted Glass
By Yumi Heo

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Looking down 33 Street towards the concrete elevated structure
5 October, 2003
R62A #1978 and a 7 train approach 33 Street passing some construction men
23 December, 2005
A 7 train about to close its doors at 33 Street
14 February, 2006
R62A #2065 approaches 33 Street to bypass it
14 February, 2006
Manhattan-bound R62A #2120 and 7 train leave 33 Street
14 February, 2006
R62A #1706 and a 7 local train enter 33 Street
14 February, 2006
A R62A 7 train leaves 33 Street
28 May, 2010
The two staircases that lead to the staffed exit
28 May, 2010
The southern end of the platforms at 33 Streets
28 May, 2010
Looking down the station at 33 Street
28 May, 2010
The main fare control area with its two separate banks of turnstiles and token booth between them but no free crossunder
28 May, 2010
Another view of the fare control are and the Times Square-bound turnstiles
28 May, 2010
The little plaza formed when 33 Street was split beneath the station with the street stairs
28 May, 2010
A 33 St Rawson Station entrance in a concrete pillar
28 May, 2010
The elevated beneath the station is this parking lot
28 May, 2010
Looking beneath the elevated structure through the parking lot towards the little plaza where the main 33 Street entrance is
28 May, 2010
One of the unstaffed entrances at 34 Street
28 May, 2010
The unstaffed fare control area at the 34 Street end of the station
28 May, 2010
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