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111 Street is the last local stop on the 7 train and home to the flying express, where the express track is on a second elevated level above the station. The reason for this is because of the leads into the Corona Yard beyond the station. The yard beyond the station makes the stop a terminus for select trains entering and leaving the train yard during rush hour. There are five tracks through the 111 Street Station; 4 on the same level as the station plus the flying express track above. The middle two tracks that don't platform at the station's two side platforms along the local tracks are simply sidings that end in bumper blocks west of the station before the Express track comes down and off its flying level to the same level as the local tracks. These have switches with the local tracks east of the station before continuing as the two tracks into the Corona Yard (the only yard for the 7 train).

The side platforms themselves are extremely simple. They are mostly canopied that have windscreens under the canopied portions; the ends are left out to the elements with low white fencing. The platforms include white ones for the Hall of Science above the normal 111 Street black ones. There is one exit towards the eastern end of the platforms. Here two staircases from the Manhattan-bound platform and one from the Flushing-bound platform lead down to a station house tucked beneath the platform. To exit the station are canopied streetstairs down to the NW, SW, and SE corners of Roosevelt Avenue and 111 Street.

The back of a peak direction rush hour train with a 7 Express sign (it will return to Flushing as an express) stops at 111 Street
The yard leads, Shea Stadium and train passing above
10 June, 2004
The simple canopy and platform
10 June, 2004
A directional mosaic
10 June, 2004
A Manhattan-bound 7 train approaches
10 June, 2004
The back of the next local train to stop, this has a circle 7 and will be a local train on its return trip from Times Square
10 June, 2004
A R62A Flying Express train
10 June, 2004
The western end of the station
10 June, 2004
A 7 train leaves to continue to Manhattan
10 June, 2004
The structure of the flying express above the station
10 June, 2004
A R62A passes above
10 June, 2004
A platform sign
10 June, 2004
Stepping off a train 6 years later, green has replaced the blue paint
28 May, 2010
The exit from the Manhattan-bound platform
28 May, 2010
The Hall of Science has some white signs
28 May, 2010
The exposed end of the Manhattan-bound platform
28 May, 2010
The simple mezzanine area before the turnstiles
28 May, 2010
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