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The IRT Steinway Tubes 7 Platform at Grand Central consist of a single, always crowded island platform with an arced ceiling that looks extremely modern with silver metal signs along the track walls and light fixtures from V-Beam a stainless steel Arts For Transit ceiling sculpture. This deep underground station opened on June 22, 1915 and was last renovated in 2000.

For access we begin at the Queens-bound end of the platform, which is the only exit this platform can call its own. All other access is through the 4,5,6 station. It consists of a staircase at the extreme eastern (Queens-bound end) of platform up to a small landing with a 90-degree turn and a bank of two escalators with a staircase in between them up to street level and an unstaffed bank of turnstiles inside the ground floor near 3 Avenue (as the exit is signed) of 150 East 42 Street. Continuing west towards the other end of the platform, there are two sets of two staircases that join at intermediate landings visible from the platform (the areas beneath them are quite low in height) before becoming a single staircase up through the roof of the tube of the Queens-bound track. The first staircase (eastern one) arrives to a bank of two escalators up to the west side of upper mezzanine fare control area shared with the 4,5,6. A small hallway connects to the upper landing of the eastern staircase off the platform, this leads to a small, cramped passageway which ramps its way up a bit to two staircases up to each of the IRT Lexington Avenue Line platform. Next there is the elevator directly up to the upper mezzanine area. At the extreme western (Times Square-bound) end of the platforms there are two escalators that go up to half-way intermediate landing before passengers must turn 180-degrees to reach two more escalators up to the main upper level mezzanine above the 4,5,6 platform, arriving near the east side of the mezzanine between the main exit turnstiles into Grand Central Terminal and the passageway to the 42 Street Shuttle.

Art For Transit at Grand Central

Arts For Transit at Grand Central Steinway Tunnel Platforms

V-Beam, 2000
By Christopher Sproat, Stainless steel, aluminum, lighting, signage, speakers, LED, and fan system

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The ceiling sculpture is visually interesting above the crowded platform
31 December, 2009
Unique, built in LED signs display the time and service information
31 December, 2009
One of the staircases up to the mezzanine and direct transfer to the 4,5,6 and escalators to leave the station
31 December, 2009
Looking down one of the two short staircases down to an intermediate landing and more staircases from the escalator/stairs directly up to Lexington Avenue Line platforms
31 December, 2009
Escalator to make the transfer via the upper mezzanine or ramp directly up to each 4,5,6 platform
31 December, 2009
Old sign against meddling with the escalator
31 December, 2009
The ramp from the 7 train platform directly to the 4,5,6 platform
31 December, 2009
First the Uptown 4,5,6 is reached with lighted and normal signs
31 December, 2009
Then the downtown at this odd end of ramp corridor
31 December, 2009
Looking down the 4,5,6 ramp to the Uptown 4,5,6 entrance and 7 train platform ahead and way down
31 December, 2009
Another narrow intermediate passageway that connects the escalator and ramp entrances
Up to escalator down for the 7
Main Street or 5 Avenue & Times Square, the elevator is ahead
The unique silver platform signs
The in building '3rd Avenue' entrance
29 August, 2011
The removed doors and sign above the 3 Avenue entrance
29 August, 2011
TVMs, a removed token booth and MVM, the 3 Avenue entrance fare control area
29 August, 2011
Down the escalators with a narrow staircase in between at the 3 Avenue entrance
29 August, 2011
The lower landing from 3 Avenue
29 August, 2011
Going down the final staircase beyond the end of the subway platform
29 August, 2011
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